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news featured by FRANK LÜBKE ‘Concrete Looks, Straight Attitude’ - FRANK LÜBKE photographs campaign and lookbook for MUNIC Eyewear

Frame your personality – the new 2021/22 campaign for MUNIC Eyewear was realized by Munich-based advertising photographer Frank Lübke. Slogan of the new campaign: ‘CONCRETE LOOKS – STRAIGHT ATTITUDES’. The shoot took place in a stylish work space, which was awarded for its puristic and innovative design – making it just the right location for the new MUNIC collection.

Munic Eyewear is a German company headquartered in Munich. It was founded in 1991 by designer and CEO Marcus Riess and is managed today by the couple Ari and Marcus Riess. At munic, clear lines, harmonious colors and style are values which are just as definitive as sustainable design in the finest quality that will provide long-lasting joy. Handmade in Germany, Austria and Japan.

Why munic? Why choose the name of a city for an eyewear label? “Sometimes in life, you make decisions instinctively. As time goes by, you also come to realize that such decisions were rationally correct as well. The same goes for the name...

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