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Whale Amsterdam - TBWA - Adidas - Faster Than
Whale partnered with TBWA/Neboko and adidas to produce another blockbuster campaign. A team of producers researched stories, and then went to Los Angeles, Manchester, and Lisbon to capture the true stories of inspirational runners like olympian Noah Lyles, Martinus Evans, and Ellie Lacey along with superstars like Mo Salah. Director Daniel Kaufman and the team at Anonymous brought the stories to life in film for a global campaign which adidas rolled out in cinema, on television, at retail, and across all their social channels. 
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Whale Amsterdam - Netflix Barbarians - Isolation Trailer
Netflix reached out to whale wanting to celebrate the launch of Barbarians, one of their biggest series in 2020.
The idea was to reach out to a group of home-made/sweded film makers during lock down to re-create their version of the Barbarians trailer.
The result is a highly crafted, closely captured, fun take off of the Barbarians trailer.
We worked with a handful of very talent sweded film makers from all over the world to make this film for Netflix’s global social channels.

Creative Directors -
Director - James Willis - Bullion Productions
Netflix - Markus Gerdemann + Valeska Lugiery
Original Trailer - Mocean

Sweded Film Makers:

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