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Darius Ramazani

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news We congratulate photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI on his massive billboard in Berlin now for more than 3 years

The billboard located on Stuttgarter Platz in Berlin has displayed equally creative and social content by photographer DARIUS RAMAZANI now for more than three years. “It’s like being a kid again – I am filled with the same joy every time a new idea is postered on the billboard,” says the Berlin-based photographer. “Thanks to everyone who has supported us. We are working on several new projects we hope to continue next year.” Here on GoSee, we present you a selection of works on the billboard by artist friends, designers, agencies, and NGOs – all put together for you in a short film.

We hope we haven’t left anyone out: Ma Raab, Jule Roschlau, Maja Seidel, Andreas Antoni, Christian Weisser, Alf Frommer, Anna Rother, Christine Coring, Thomas Joussen, Michael Preuss, Nina Preuss, Flora Wachs, glow communication, Johannes Krempl, Sebastian Wilke, Freunde fürs Leben e.V., Anna Weil, Claudia Wegener-Bracht, Pfeifle Design, Initiative Offene Gesellschaft e.V., Ellen Schweizer, Philip...

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