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NKM rebranding campaign Vol II - photographed by RAMONA REUTER

“At nkm, we’re taking new, innovative approaches. We’re constantly in search of even more sustainable solutions. We make conscious decisions which allow us to grow in the long term. For the next generation of nkm skincare products, we rely our principles while we live and breathe sustainability on an entirely new level: with an optimized recycling system, more sustainable product packaging and more regional formulas. For genuine sustainability that feels good!” nkm Naturkosmetik München GmbH.

The NKM rebranding campaign Vol II was photographed once again by RAMONA REUTER.

“Rebranding is a big step for nkm – with which we demonstrate how much we have evolved over the last two years and also how aesthetic sustainability can be.” Love, Head of Graphics.

And this is how it works : “Send ten empty new nkm bottles back to nkm and receive a 10% rebate: The same system for you but not for the bottle sent back. It is cleaned and refilled, giving it the chance to see another bathroom from the inside. We have one more great innovation for you: nkm will now pay for postage for the packages you send back with recyclable nkm bottles!”

nkm was founded by Mareike Peters. All of her products are vegan because she does not want to be responsible for treating the Earth with negligence, and they are free of animal testing because she cannot accept animal suffering either.

GoSee : nkm-atelier.de & ramonareuter.com
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‘FREEDOM’ - RAMONA REUTER photographs Iranian-German comedian Negah Amiri for the FOGS cover story

German stand-up comedian and presenter Negah Amiri fled from Iran to Germany at the age of eleven with her mom and her four year older brother, where she grew up in Wiesbaden. With the Munich-based FOGS Magazine, Negah talks about her hope for freedom for the Iranian people.

The cover spread was photographed by RAMONA REUTER.

You can now find Negah and her show in the ARD media library. Dating, the expectations of her Iranian family and useless suggestions from others – in ‘upDATE with Negah Amiri’, she brings her audience up to speed on what’s all going on in her life at the moment.”

Broadcaster Hessische Rundfunk (hr) produced the show for the ARD media library. The first episode has been online since yesterday. A new episode will follow each Sunday until the end of the year.
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