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news featured by Esther Haase Revisited : ESTHER HAASE photographs the GRAND TOURER for Three20pm, the media brand of RAMP and BENTLEY

A fresh take on the #Bentley way of life. Inspired by @bentleymotors, passionately curated by @ramp.space. ESTHER HAASE photographed model Katharina Siekmannas as colorful as usual for Three20pm, the Instagram media brand of RAMP and BENTLEY.

“The Batur heralds the start of a seminal, future-facing era for Bentley, so to partner with ramp.space GmbH & Co KG to take it to new audiences on social media felt like a natural fit. The fact that we gained two awards in the process makes us feel incredibly proud of this achievement and solidifies our approach.” Angelos Sfakianakis, Bentley’s Global Social Media Manager.

So why is the media co-op named Three20pm? It was like this – we meet Woolf Barnato, the ultimate Bentley Boy in Cannes in March 1930. At a dinner party on a yacht, the race car driver and bon vivant bets 200 British pounds that he can beat the famous Blue Train in a race to Calais with ease in a Bentley Speed Six.

Easy for him to say. But did he do it? The moment the Blue...

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