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news PHOTO LONDON is presenting a solo show with iconic photos by RANKIN from 9-12 September, presented by the 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS GALLERY

In celebration of the 52nd edition of Photo London 2021, 29 ARTS IN PROGRESS GALLERY is presenting a solo show by RANKIN. The exhibition will showcase a selection of his favorite images – including those of his best known subjects and his more conceptual work. On display are images of supermodels taken in the 1990s for Dazed & Confused as well as fashion and beauty images from his magazine HUNGER. The exhibition also deals with the concepts of beauty and mortality.

“One of the world’s most influential fashion photographers, Rankin has often defined his place within the industry as one of being on the outside looking in… Inspired by the often intertwined themes of death and sensuality in his work, the show explores Rankin’s editorial pieces to produce a multilayered discussion on light and darkness, hard and soft: These pieces take an intimate look at the dark side of desire from throughout Rankin’s career. Here, the act of seduction is so fierce a force of attraction as to take the...

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