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News // 26 News by Nina Rautenberg

‘The Kids Book’ with recipes to get cooking from the company ANKERKRAUT – by Photographer NICKY WALSH and foodstylists MAX FABER and ANKE RABELER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

Love, love, love – love is all we need. The recipe collection for satisfied chefs and full bellies at the dining table… Photographer NICKY WALSH and foodstylist MAX FABER teamed up with ANKE RABELER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG to produce the new cookbook by Ankerkraut – ‘The Kids Book’. The recipes were also developed by Max and Anke together with Ankerkraut founders Anne and Stefan.

“A lot of kids are somewhat like the insatiable caterpillar who is always hungry – but that still doesn’t mean they eat without fussing! Our kids cookbook is a collection of child-friendly recipes for boisterous children’s birthday parties and colorful treats for lunch boxes which are guaranteed to make classmates green with envy. From quick & easy to artistically concocted, you’ll find the most delicious grub recipes for little eaters with a big appetite. Even veggies are wolfed down with pleasure – and as everyone knows, empty plates bring nice weather! So: Get cooking and dig in!”
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‘The Cat is Cooking’ – the new cookbook by Daniela Katzenberger plus Löwenzahn Organics Energy Bite with motifs by Becca CRAWFORD c/o NINA RAUTENBERG

Germany’s most famous blonde cooks down to earth food, self-ironically and with a pinch of glitter through everyday routines. Photographer BECCA CRAWFORD and foodstylist MAX FABER c/o NINA RAUTENBERG all worked on the new cookbook by Daniela Katzenberger ‘Die Katze kocht’, or The Cat is Cooking, published by Gräfe & Unzer.

Interweaved with stories and photos straight out of her daily routine, “The Cat is Cooking” serves super easy recipes with little effort. For ten years, the quick-witted blonde has thrilled her fans with her docu-soaps and plenty of down-home charm.

No shame in your feeding game! BECCA CRAWFORD c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed the new product Löwenzahn Organics Energy Bite, developed by Berlin moms, guaranteed without pesticides and genetic engineering.
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Enjoy every Bite! Crunchy. Salty. Peanutty. The energy-packed RAWBITE BAR visuals realized by ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG for Sasserath Munzinger Plus GmbH

Enjoy every Bite! ANTJE PLEWINSKI c/o NINA RAUTENBERG photographed the RAWBITE protein bar once again – 100% organic, vegan, gluten-free.
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