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news featured by basics berlin ZOO MAGAZINE ‘Efflorescence Issue’ – with ‘Cruella’ actress EMILY BEECHAM, photographed by Claudia Grassl with hair & make-up by Jazz MANG c/o BASICS BERLIN

Claudia Grassl c/o RENÈ HAUSER photographed actress EMILY BEECHAM for the latest issue of ZOO MAGAZINE, who can now be seen in the American crime comedy ‘Cruella’. Jazz MANG c/o BASICS BERLIN took care of hair & make-up of the versatile film star.

Emily Beecham successfully completed her studies at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in 2006. She later became known to a broader audience through her role in the dystopian horror film ‘28 Weeks Later’. At the London Independent Film Festival in 2011, she was nominated in the category Best Actress. In 2019, an award as Best Actress followed at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Little Joe. The Disney production ‘Cruella’ features an all-star cast alongside Emily Beecham with Emma Stone and Emma Thompson plus great costumes and a thrilling soundtrack of songs by Blondie, Queen and the Bee Gees. Find out more in ZOO MAG.

Jazz MANG was born in South Korea and has lived in Berlin since her childhood, where she completed her...

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