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news ‘Real Magic’ - RETOUCHED STUDIOS in charge of post production for the COCA-COLA campaign photographed by Tom van Schelven … and meet RETOUCHED as an exhibitor at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

Since 2021, Coca-Cola has invited the world to celebrate the true magic of humanity.

“The ‘Real Magic’ brand philosophy is rooted in the insight that magic lives in unexpected moments of connection that elevate the everyday into the extraordinary – a timeless wisdom that feels more relevant than ever in today’s hyperconnected yet divided world. Real magic happens when people get together and when what we share in common is greater than what sets us apart.” Coca-Cola.

The Coca-Cola campaign presented here was photographed by Tom van Schelven, with Hamburg-based RETOUCHED STUDIOS in charge of post production.

“This is the most diverse visual representation of the Coca‑Cola brand in our history. It is diverse not only with regard to the creatives who have helped bring ‘Real Magic’ to life and the people featured in the work, but also in terms of the various photography and illustration styles, colors and treatments used.” Rapha Abreu, Global Vice President of Design, The Coca-Cola...

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