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news #BeMyAlly – RETOUCHED STUDIOS GMBH post-produces the Stilnest x Klarna campaign in support of LGBTQIA+* community

“With my necklace, I would like to draw attention to the injustices that queer people still suffer all over the world. Which is why I am committed to making sure queer members of the BIPOC community receive more attention in society.” dancer Antony Franz says about the design of his necklace.

“I wanted this to be a bold bracelet that would occupy space, just like queers historically have repeatedly occupied space in a heteronormative world. ‘Bye, Bye’ stands for: ‘Bye, Bye Normalitity’ and “Hello and look at you: LGBTQIA+!” Tarik Tesfu says about the design of his bracelet.

“With my ring, I want to make it clear that modern, self-chosen families – like my own queer family – can give an enormous amount of love and support. To me, the ring means trust, a promise that we give our queer communities and queer families every day.” Ebru Düzgün says about the design of her ring.

“My earrings reflect the diversity of being trans. Everyone should listen and observe attentively and respectfully....

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