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news featured by Andreas Ortner ‘Live Rich – Act Royal’ – ANDREAS ORTNER photographs the RICH & ROYAL campaign in the Sudeten Mountains

The Rich & Royal brand was founded in 2006 and has been dressing up fashionistas and trendsetters passionately and with great dedication in stylish fashion. Its success speaks for itself : Rich & Royal is meanwhile available in more than 600 shops across Europe. Embracing the ethos ‘live rich – act royal,’ the Rich & Royal collections are marked by finest quality Made in Europe. Trend-savvy fashion with a sustainable conscience.

“Inspired by the feeling of being able to go back outside in nature, of enjoying freedom and my almost alpine heritage, I wanted to show in this campaign that the premium brand Rich & Royal is not only made for the city, but – depending on how you combine the individual pieces – you’re always dressed chic and cool anywhere you go.” ANDREAS ORTNER tells GoSee.

The Rich & Royal story began in 1986 with a family business in Baden-Württemberg : Peter Stupp Design Mode GmbH founded by Peter Stupp in Freiberg am Neckar near Stuttgart, where the company is still...

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