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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : BOSCHTOBANRAP invites clients, photographers and friends to their BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town from January to March, 2024

BOSCHTOBANRAP loves connecting creative people all over the world. Which is why we have decided not only to harness the energy of inspiring places for our artists and clients but also to create a meeting place for them. We launched our first pop-up office in Cape Town during the 22/23 season, and we were quite impressed with the results as well as the opportunities which arose from it. We are now delighted to announce our second BTOB season pop-up office in Cape Town, from January through March, 2024.

We’ll be there together with our artists: Chroma, David Haase, David Maurer, Ender Suenni, Jelena Filipinski, Kolja Eckert, Krosny, Manju Munoz, Marcel Haupt, Marco Klahold, Meike Kenn, Mike Kipper, Norman Keutgen, Per Appelgren, Robin Kater, Sallyhateswing, and Stephie Braun.
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SALLYHATESWING photographs an atmospheric essentials editorial for GLAMOUR HUNGARY in Cape Town

Photographer & AD team SALLYHATESWING c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP realized a beauty editorial for GLAMOUR HUNGARY with must-have essentials in a dreamlike villa by the sea in Camps Bay.

Sarah Schmid from the duo SALLYHATESWING is mainly in charge of art direction throughout the creative process while Philipp Johann presses the shutter release button and is head over heals in love with aesthetics.

Their ever-fresh and lively visual language is trusted by clients and magazines such as DEICHMANN, L’OFFICIEL, VOGUE, ELLE, PEEK & CLOPPENBURG, SLEEK, COEUR DE LION, TAMRON, GRAZIA and many more.

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featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP : ‘ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL’ featuring Skye Lukowski-Standley – personal work by SALLYHATESWING C/O BOSCHTOBANRAP

Photographer duo Sallyhateswing c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP staged ‘ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL’, a spread created to raise awareness of the inequality in our fashion industry, where clothing is only designed for a specific type of body.

In front of the camera was Skye Lukowski-Standley, and Yannic Kötter was on set as behind-the-scenes photographer. Styling: Chiara Bottin, H&M: Claudine Nemeth, Producer: Jessika Jäger, Director: Darius Buesch, and DOP: Tilo Kux.

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