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München, Zurich
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news | 100 Years of BOESCH BOATS – celebrated with a very special website The Boesch Horizon, including photos by SCANDERBEG SAUER

BOESCH : “The Boesch centennial is not only a history of unique boats but also of the people who make them possible. People whose willingness to take risks, perseverance, ingenuity and brotherliness have made the company to what it is today. This special passion for innovation, technology and sportiness – or ‘Boeschology’, as a satisfied customer once coined it – are the hallmarks of the people briefly portrayed here.” Since 2000, Markus Boesch, son of Klaus Boesch, has managed the company now in its fourth generation.

Boesch Motorboote AG is a Swiss manufacturer of classic wooden motorboats, made of mahogany and equipped with high-end features, which was founded in 1920 and is headquartered in Kilchberg ZH. The company produces between 30 and 40 boats each year, about one third of which are electric motorboats. Specially for the 100-Year Anniversary, a website was launched with photos spanning from the early days to the present day showing details of the precision processing...

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