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news SEPIA presents illustrations by Emmanuel Polanco for an AI reportage in SPIEGEL on GoSee.News

“This is something we were quite pleased about as a representation: to see how well Emmanuel Polanco’s ideas fit the reportage ‘An Author Cancels Himself’ in SPIEGEL. The author talks about a self-test with which he wants to teach an AI how to write. The text inspired Emmanuel to create more images than planned, … all of which he had the pleasure of perfecting in the end.” Anja Laame, CEO of SEPIA.

Born in Paris – his father from Peru and mother French – Emmanuel Polanco is an author, illustrator and artist residing in Sweden. He works for magazines (Time Magazine, Los Angeles Times….), theater (Royal Shakespeare Company…) and publishing houses. The techniques he works with are numerical and traditional collages, for which he uses paint, pencil and ink.

The text for the reportage came from Munich-based Quentin Lichtblau, aka San Quentin.

GoSee : sepia-illustration.de

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