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news BMW i7 x SKY ARTS - the future of luxurious driving. Photos by Felix ALIBERTI c/o SEVERIN WENDELER

Felix ALIBERTI c/o SEVERIN WENDELER photographed the BMW i7 x SKY ARTS collaboration.

BMW UK : “A shared passion for creativity, innovation, and design is at the heart of our partnership with Sky Arts. And it’s these values that drive the all-electric BMW i7, too: From its Iconic Glow illuminated kidney grille and striking headlights with Swarovski crystal elements to doors that open automatically.”

Sarah Jones, Director of Planning, Sky Media : “We’re absolutely delighted to announce technology from BMW as the sponsor of Sky Arts, showcasing the brand’s most innovative technologies such as Swarovski crystal headlights and the new 8K theater screen inside the 7 Series. This electric partnership will feature across Sky Arts for twelve months, associating the best of music, theater, drama and comedy with the latest technology from the BMW brand.”

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