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October 19

Apollonas Soben

April 19

Arno Lindemann (S&F)

Co-Founder of LUKAS LINDEMANN ROSINSKI AD Agency for over 10 years. Now Creative Partner @ SCHOLZ & FRIENDS Family
Beeing in the ad-business for now over 25 years, Arno Lindemann learned his profession only in the most creative agencies of Germany like Springer & Jacoby and Jung von Matt. At...

October 2

Ugo Matone

May 24

Isabel Pinto

Being raised between Africa and Europe had given Isabel a unique, vibrant and free-spirited style. Her studies in Anthropology add another layer to her perspective on people, children, and life in general. Her approach to photography is deeply emotional, and it became the trademark in her work...

March 5

Tom Michas Inc.

Tom Michas is a Chicago based fashion and beauty photographer who creates contemporary imagery with a focus on minimalism and luxury. He thrives on high-production value and collaboration with strong personalities. Possessing a discerning eye for detail, Tom strives to create photographs that...


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