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Rita LINO c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs ‘Land of Dreams’ for PERVERZE Tokyo – and SHOTVIEW is delighted about a new PARIS OFFICE

VOGUE wrote in 2019 about the successful innovative Japanese label PERVERZE : “In Tokyo, there’s a group of anonymous creatives who’ve been disrupting the Japanese fashion landscape for three years and counting. They’ve never released their identities, nor have they revealed how many of them are part of the design collective. They call themselves Perverze, and they only sell their collections online.”

The label PERVERZE lets us know about the spread presented on GoSee : “For this collaboration, we have asked Berlin-based photographer Rita Lino to capture raw moments in her daily life, whether they reflect changes and the unchangeable."

“This collaboration with PERVERZE has brought me back into myself through a look at my own fantasy. Closer to my own reality, incorporating different personas and situations as a metaphor for my personal life and identity, exploring the possibility of new realities, living in parallel with each one another. Projecting myself into them in the blink of an eye. This must be the place!” – Rita LINO c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT.

And SHOTVIEW is delighted about the new PARIS OFFICE. SHOTVIEW : “Despite the madness that 2020 brought upon us, we are pleased to have opened our Paris office of Shotview Artists Management in January. Connecting and strengthening the liaison with our headquarters in Berlin, the Paris branch will be directed by Helene Dimé and Kozva Rigaud who are proud to represent exceptional photographers, directors, stylists, artists… We are looking forward to expanding our network as we couldn’t be more excited to foster the development of a long-lasting friendship between two of the greatest European capitals. ”
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‘Small Steps. Big Impact: What is beauty? with Lena Klenke and Polly Roche’ – Ronald DICK c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT photographs the Deutsch VOGUE x ZALANDO advertorial

Small Steps. Big Impact: What does beauty mean? Actress Lena Klenke and model Polly Roche reinterpreted classic beauty for their VOGUE shoot. Deutsch VOGUE writes : “Their timeless looks are a symbol of sustainable luxury, captured in the natural light of late autumn. As part of the sustainability campaign ‘Small Steps. Big Impact’ by ZALANDO, the two emerging talents present a variety of brands that are not only pioneering when it comes to style. Curated in an exclusive capsule collection, the online platform supports brands that live and breathe sustainability. The approach is holistic: Not only production and distribution must be sustainable but also consumer habits. The secret: timeless pieces for style built to last.

Together, Lena Klenke and Polly Roche literally capture beauty and create looks that are so unique and individual as nature itself. Powerful and in the most vibrant colors. Both driven by the philosophical question: What is beauty anyway?”

The advertorial was photographed by Ronald DICK with styling by Soo-Hi SONG, both artists c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT. GoSee : vogue.de///small-steps-big-impact-was-bedeutet-schonheit-mit-lena-klenke-und-polly-roche
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Out of Proportion – Erwin Wurm c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management photographs and talks with architect Peter Marino; see & read it in INTERVIEW magazine

Erwin Wurm Is Always Blowing Everything Out of Proportion – By Peter Marino

“Erwin Wurm does not make art for the aloof aesthete. When encountering a sculpture by the 66-year-old Austrian artist, the “viewer” might be asked to put her head in a box, shove pencils up her nose, stand in a bucket with another bucket over her head, or lie horizontally counterbalanced on two stools; and while doing so, think about the philosopher Baruch Spinoza, or enjoy a minute of silence, or stare out at a distant sea. These and other instructional activities have been a part of Wurm’s ongoing series of “One Minute Sculptures”, developed in the late 1980s, in which, for the length of 60 seconds, the artwork and viewer meld – in a sense activating each other to create an original and paradoxical masterpiece.

Some might find these sculptural performances amusing, but just as many find them profound, meditative, or indicative of the lengths a human is willing to go to make a connection. Wurm’s penchant for the absurdist reimagining of the ordinary world extends to cars (sleek convertibles reconceived with obesity issues), houses (disturbingly skinny cottages, or the exact opposite, bursting with flab at all sides), food (jumbo pickles and hot dogs), and clothing (sweaters stretched over heads like unending sleeves or furniture dressed up in human garb). Wurm never seems to run out of ideas, and unsurprisingly, the recent lockdown, which he spent in his studio on the outskirts of Vienna, didn’t stop him from working on a number of new pieces for a raft of upcoming international shows.

This past fall, Wurm embarked on a special project exclusively for INTERVIEW, opening up his countryside estate to shoot a fashion story with both recent and archival artworks – and improvising a few new “One Minute Sculptures” in the process. To accompany the pictures, Wurm got on the horn with his old friend, the prolific architect Peter Marino, to talk about stretching a good idea to fit all shapes and sizes.” Photos by Erwin WURM and styling by Niki PAULS, both artists c/o SHOTVIEW Artists Management. GoSee the entire, beautiful conversation : interviewmagazine.com//erwin-wurm-the-artist-who-swallowed-the-world
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