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MAKE UP FOR EVER (LVMH) campaign by beauty photographer and director Pablo FREDA c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

Pablo FREDA c/o SHOTVIEW photographed the new campaign and produced short clips for MAKE UP FOR EVER – LVMH. A collective of worldwide renowned makeup artists presents its ultimate secret for mattifying and setting makeup : The new Mist & Fix MATTE 24-hold setting spray. Creative Director was Ludovic Drouineaud, and DOP was Louis Evennou. Producer: Charly Forin (makeup: Chiao Li Hsu, hair : Anita Bujoli, styling: Aroua Ammari).

Since its inception in 1984, MAKE UP FOR EVER has been collaborating with professional makeup artists to stay at the cutting-edge of technological, formulistic and artistic advances, while offering everyone access to all products and benefits. MAKE UP FOR EVER is passionate about diversity and individuality, encouraging everyone to bring out their singularity, claim it and have fun with it.
23.03.2023 show complete article


‘VIBE SWITCH - Escape boredom’ - WEEKDAY global campaign by Kitty Lee Schumacher c/o SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT

WEEKDAY commissioned Kitty Lee SCHUMACHER c/o SHOTVIEW with the latest campaign.

“For Spring/Summer 2023, WEEKDAY escapes boredom by entering places beyond imagination and reality. Driven by restlessness due to absolute boring moments, Weekday explores the unlimited creativity that follows when facing scenarios of everyday life. In collaboration with the creative duo – CGI artist Maximiliane Galgenmaier and DOP Kitty Schumacher – Weekday creates a glitch in space and time, twisting and bending reality in a world generated by fantasy.”

Also on the team were Director: Kitty Lee Schumacher, DOP: Pontus Norberg, Art Director: Mustafa S., Project Manager: Victoria Fromholtz, Production Manager: Oskar Forssblad, Cast: @evgenianirka @meeharbillewoh, Gaffer: David Lebna, Assistant: Hannes, Michel Korsgren, Stylist: Luisa Cruz, Charles Gustafsson, MuA: Lovisa Lunneborg, and CGI artist: Maxi Galgenmaier.
15.03.2023 show complete article


HUBE MAGAZINE cover spread with designer Walter Van Beirendonck by Daniel ROCHÉ c/o SHOTVIEW

In its first issue, the new HUBE MAGAZINE presents Belgian designer Walter Van Beirendonck, his designs and his visions. Daniel ROCHÉ c/o SHOTVIEW photographed the fashion special.

The fashion designer, innovator, curator and Head of Fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp talks about the time when he was part of the Antwerp Six, shares his thoughts about gender and masculinity, the balance between digital and physical and where fashion is headed in his opinion. In his own words: “We need new eyes to see the future.”

Shotview : “Daniel Roché is a multifaceted photographer who is renowned for his consistently highly expressive and emotive work. After his explosive rise in the noughties, the talented newcomer Daniel Roché became one of the most sought-after photographers of our time. Combining his knowledge of and talent for photography with the Belgian fashion designer Walter Van Beirendonck, this wonderful cover and story was created.”

HUBE MAG : “A recurring theme throughout @waltervanbeirendonck’s official work that is at once scary and humorous is the topic of alien invasion. Aliens have long captivated human curiosity, but the designer’s fascination for the subject goes far beyond the thrilling – or eerie – prospect of perhaps one day encountering an extraterrestrial. The designer sees the story of aliens as a metaphor for a better world. He tells Hube, “An alien is a stranger, somebody from a different land, raised in a different way. For me, these alien collections are also about diversity and welcoming difference.”
15.03.2023 show complete article