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news featured by Per Appelgren ‘Bend the Zeitgeist’ in SLEEK Mag - photographed at Berlin’s Meta Studio by PER APPELGREN

Zeitgeist is a phenomenon that freely transcends different times and worlds. We are part of the fashion of now, of former times and of the ones to come. All at once. Like a spirit present in different dimensions. We bend the Zeitgeist to our needs. To fit. Into our world. Our box. Are you playing the Zeitgeist or is it playing you?

The spread was shot by PER APPELGREN at his Meta Studio in Berlin together with model Edda, art direction duo Studio Nonsens, stylist Marcella Verweyen and hair & makeup artist Andrea Young with light support by Liam Mulligan, Digi support by Winston Sussens, social support by Annika Yanura and post production by Colorworkz.

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