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RUNNERS HELPING RUNNERS - STANLEY’S POST with post production for the NIKE - WE RUN WITH IT campaign by Wieden + Kennedy

“Running has always been an act of optimism. It’s a journey of betterment. Progress over perfection. A lesson in life. But in its search to redefine human performance, Nike Running had become too serious, too technical – and had lost a bit of the joy and soul that inspires so many to run in the first place.

So we asked ourselves: what if we stayed true to that optimism and leveraged the diverse perspectives of the global running community to just help each other get better?” NIKE.

RUNNERS HELPING RUNNERS is a global campaign from Nike in support of the global running community. Nike started the campaign in 2022 with Olympic medalist Eliud Kipchoge in the role of the boss in his commando center, from where he monitored runners all over the world, exchanged findings and answered their questions.

“Another fantastic Nike campaign to be a part of!” STANLEY’S POST.

“Nike London x Peckham 🔥 … we launched the Peckham Relay Challenge on the Nike Run Club app, aimed at getting more young people in the area moving 🏃‍♂️. The target is to reach a combined total of 400,000KM during the four weeks.” Frazer Howie, Senior Creative / Design Lead NIKE.

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Agency – Wieden + Kennedy
Photographer – Sophie Jones
Retouching – Stanley’s Post

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Have lots of fun with the BA Cityflyer - in the BRITISH AIRWAYS campaign post-produced by STANLEY’S POST LTD

“From check-in to gate in 20 minutes” – Emily Stein photographed the BA Cityflyer campaign for London-based agency Uncommon. Responible for post production was STANLEY’S POST. BA CityFlyer is a British regional airline with its head office located in Manchester and its hub at London City Airport. It is a subsidiary of British Airways. 

London City Airport is an international airport in the Royal Docks in the London Borough of Newham. It was constructed on the former docklands area of the King George V Dock near downtown London and the business district Canary, and it was opened in 1987.

BA CityFlyer flies mainly from London City Airport to western European cities, including Amsterdam, Barcelona, Zurich, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg.

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Agency: Uncommon
Photographer: Emily Stein
Retouching: Stanley’s Post

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STANLEY’S POST presents you ‘Own The Floor’ - the global NIKE campaign, post-produced for Wieden + Kennedy, London, on GoSee.News

The ‘Own The Floor’ campaign from NIKE continues to make a big splash all over the globe – spreading a contagious buzzing vibe. And no, it’s completely AI-free. The wonderful models were photographed by Suzie and Léo.

GoSee Member STANLEY’S POST was in charge of post production. The executive agency was Wieden + Kennedy London.

Dancing once again proves to be a perfect expression of individuality and fosters a sense of community. At the same time, it promotes self-confidence, conveys a feeling of freedom and makes sure your electrified body releases plenty of those feel-good hormones.

In Japan, where the campaign originally began, dance has more fans than soccer. In schools, dance has been a required subject for quite some time : “Through a campaign that included films, dance documentaries and OOH, we’ve strengthened the connection with dance communities and helped to reaffirm dance as an artistic and soulful expression of sport.” says CD Daniel Busch.

So – what are you still waiting for? Dance. And do it everywhere – own the floor !

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