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news | featured by Tobias Bosch Fotomanagement : ‘The End is Near’ – the irresistible charm of personal work by Ruprecht STEMPELL c/o TOBIAS BOSCH Fotomanagement featuring girls, guns and a triumph

Photographer Ruprecht STEMPELL c/o TOBIAS BOSCH Fotomanagement realized personal work which he, tongue slightly in cheek, named THE END IS NEAR. Like so often in the world of classic photography: Powerful women and power under the hood go side by side. In this case: a Triumph Spitfire 1500 from 1978 and two women who explore the world together.

We’re living in times of Trump, Brexit and e-scooters in Germany. But also of memes, trap and love. Apparently, nothing will stop them because nothing counts more than the HERE AND NOW. Just like it’s always been somehow... Why? Life is a casino or at least something like that. Credit for the outfits goes to Constanze Schroth with hair & make-up by Reni Grintsch. The models were booked via the agency Everyday People, and post was in the hands of Jenny Cremer.

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