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About Stephan Glathe

Stephan Glathe is international freelance fashion and advertising photographer based in Stuttgart, Germany. His work is emotional, yet well crafted and focused on the actual product. His customers like HUGO BOSS, Medima, Erwin Müller and others enjoy working with him because of his professional approach and his ability to convey the brand values in his images.His editorial work was recently published in QUALITY Magazine, SUPERIOR Magazine, BOLD, HUF Magazine, FAULT Magazine, Max, Playboy Magazine and various US publications like BISOUS Magazine, Relapse Magazine and VOLO Magazine.

Adverting clients such as BOSCH, YAMBS or Volksbank appreciate his ability to work with actual employees as models in their campaigns - giving the images a more authentic feel. The corporate image book "MEHR" with his images for TMG consultants won a Corporate Publishing Silver Award in 2012.