Frank HÜLSBÖMER c/o Stink

Additional Info // about Frank HÜLSBÖMER

Born in 1968 in Münster/Germany, Frank Hülsbömer happen to see his first daylight in a place, where (as Frank states) „hippie culture was as common as visitors from Mars“. After finishing his photo apprenticeship Frank went to New York for 2,5 years as a photo assistant. Later he spends a few years in Berlin, Warsaw and finally returned to Berlin beginning of 2000.

Besides exhibiting in various museums, Goethe institutes and galleries around the world he was shooting for clients like Flos, Céline, Hermès, Bulgari, Mulberry, Ruinard, Veuve Cliquot, Nike, Leica, Aston Martin, Air France, Rimowa and many others. He worked for magazines such as Double, Wallpaper, Monopol, Numéro, Beaux Arts, Frame, Nowness, Citizen k, L'Officiel, L' Optimum... and published in 2010 his second artistic monography at „Gestalten“. Frank was featured in German Vogue, Wallpaper, Elephant Magazine, Sleek, Sayhito and the British Journal of Photography as one of the 5 most interesting still life photographers of this time. In the last 5 years, Frank Hülsbömer turned his head a lot towards video and installation.

Those who take the trouble to seek beyond the hyper aesthetics of Franks work would find a fascinating habitat pervaded with dry humor and poetic qualities at the same time. He appears to draw his cues from philosophy, psychology, art, and neuroscience.

„I rather express the human condition with objects, than gestures or the mimics of my own or other primate species. I prefer still life and bring objects to live“.