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featured by GoSee EDITORIAL : STUDIO LAST presents the new FC Style #9 ARMANI X FOREVER - and CD Matthias Last is looking forward to two days of UPDATE-24-BERLIN as a GoSeeAWARDS Juror

Matthias Last is supporting the GoSeeAWARDS Jury once again this year and looks forward to UPDATE-24-BERLIN, where you can meet the simpatico Creative Director in person. Here on GoSee, he presents us the new issue FC STYLE #9 ARMANI X FOREVER, created in collaboration with Giorgio Armani and the Warhol Foundation.

The new FC STYLE issue pays tribute to Giorgio Armani, one of the greatest living fashion designers of our time, who is about to celebrate his 90th birthday this summer. A comprehensive and insightful interview with him was conducted by Jörg Rohleder and accompanied by photos of his incredible life – including 40 years in the fashion industry – alongside portraits by Juergen Teller.

On the cover, it features a portrait of Giorgio Armani painted by Andy Warhol, along with the Polaroid he took for it on the back of the magazine. Creative direction of the issue was in the hands of Matthias Last / Studio Last (credits below).

Editor-in-Chief: Jörg Harlan Rohleder
Creative Director: Matthias Last / Studio Last
Director of Photography: Frank Seidlitz
Fashion Director: Alexander Gabriel
Photographer / Portraits Armani: Juergen Teller
Photographer / Fashion Story (Can you work it?): Tristan Rösler
Photographer / Watches (Office Hours): Magnus Lechner

© 2024 The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, Inc. / Licensed by Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York; Andy Warhol, [PO 50.692]

© Giorgio Armani, 1981, Synthetic polymer paint and silkscreen ink on canvas, 40 x 40 inches, 101.6 x 101.6 cm; Andy Warhol, [FA05.01846], Giorgio Armani, 1981, Polacolor 2

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featured by SHOTVIEW ARTISTS MANAGEMENT : ‘My eyes are the windows of my soul’ - JARED LETO photographed by RONALD DICK c/o SHOTVIEW for FOCUS STYLE

FOCUS STYLE MAGAZINE No. 7 is dedicated to the versatile Oscar-winning actor and musician JARED LETO – with an extensive interview by Jörg Harlan Rohleder and a fashion spread photographed by RONALD DICK c/o SHOTVIEW (styling: Alexander Gabriel, CD: Matthias Last / Studio Last, EIC: Frank Seidlitz).

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featured by GoSee FASHION : MATTHIAS LAST, Creative Director of STUDIO LAST, presents the new issue of FC STYLE with Víkingur Ólafsson × Classic Culture and looks forward to inspiring submissions as a GoSeeAWARDS Juror as well as to UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Matthias Last from STUDIO LAST presents the latest issue of FC STYLE here on GoSee, which he supervised as Creative Director. He is supporting the jury of the GoSeeAWARDS once again this year and you can meet him in person at the industry get-together UPDATE on 25 May in Berlin.

The new issue of FC STYLE magazine is about and with Icelandic pianist Víkingur Ólafsson, who is celebrated for his recordings of Philip Glass, Johann Sebastian Bach and Claude Debussy. In his very own way, he has brought composers of different eras into the modern day. This issue now honors him once more with stories he tells from 2C to C5.

Markus Jans photographed the cover and title story on Víkingur Ólafsson, Tereza Mundilová c/o SHOTVIEW shot the fashion spread ‘Dark’, and the watch special ‘Coming Out’ was lensed by Theresa Kaindl. Creative Director: Matthias Last, Editor-in-Chief: Jörg Harlan Rohleder.

The magazine is the winner of the European Publishing Awards 2023 in the category Cover Concept.

Cover Story: Markus Jans
Interview: Max Dax
Styling: Alexander Posch
AD & Creative Production: Frank Seidlitz

DARK Fashion Editorial: Tereza Mundilová c/o SHOTVIEW
Fashion Director: Alexander Gabriel
Production: David Mitzkus
Hair: Ruby Howes
Set Design: Stefanie Grau
Casting: Chisom Abuba

COMING OUT watch special: Theresa Kaindl c/o SHOTVIEW
Styling Alexander Posch
Grooming: Sascha Wobido
Model: Erick Frey@Wiemnermodels

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