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CGI · Final Artwork · Retouch
Berlin, Barcelona
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news featured by MARKUS MUELLER ‘Finance big dreams with #therightBANK’ – the new POSTBANK campaign by MARKUS MUELLER for Jung von Matt/Spree

Markus MUELLER photographed the latest campaign for POSTBANK, a brand and subsidiary of Deutsche Bank. The campaign focuses once again on conveying the feeling that financial affairs are handled at Postbank quite easily in a fair and uncomplicated manner. The feeling you get when it fits just right: The feeling of a perfect fit is the central theme for the repositioning of Postbank.

Responsible for the campaign was the agency Jung von Matt Spree with Creative Director Arne Stach. SUBLIME was in charge of creative post production: “For this project, we decided to create a series of still lifes showing people who have succeeded in fulfilling their dreams with the help of different services offered by Postbank. Markus Mueller realized the photos during the film shoot for Postbank. He used the same models and set to create photos with a cinematographic look & feel. He captured perfect moments with the models, the result of which are character shots."

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