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Sublime Postproduction

CGI · Final Artwork · Retouch
Berlin, Barcelona
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news CGI, Retouch & Creative Post Production - A Visual Journey with SUBLIME POSTPRODUCTION

SUBLIME Creative Image Postproduction from Berlin presents their latest showreel plus new projects on sublime-postproduction.com and campaigns on GoSee.

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to content production. Our clients have to react to requirements faster and faster and produce in real time. That’s the moment when a completely digital print campaign comes to life. Sublime can produce every type of image digitally – from print to even 4K HD and everything in between.

Multichannel formatting is our specialty! A high-end image can be created by using a combination of CGI and stock images to reduce the costs of photo productions. Sublime creates digital spaces tailored to the client’s needs to ensure the product is adequately highlighted and presented according to the brief.

Are there further advantages? Shoots can be expensive. There are so many unknown variables that come into play, and the client on set, representing the brand, does not necessarily share the opinion of the...

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