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SUBLIME POSTPRODUCTION – presents you works for MERCEDES-BENZ, AUDI and the MAN mini busses in the GoSee Transportation Special

Under the direction of photographer MANU AGAH, SUBLIME post production staged the Mercedes-Benz Fleet Stars with innovative flair. Together with Shanghai, SUBLIME developed a completely new feeling for space and combined it with the futuristic look presented here.

‘Driverlust’, the AUDI campaign photographed by JAN FRIESE, describes the wanderlust you feel when driving this fascinating car, whether to the next carwash, the supermarket or a spontaneous trip to the club in the evening. To go with it, Sublime developed the lifestylish look which skillfully underscores the ‘Driverlust’ experience as light as a feather.

Masterfully staged, Tim Adorf photographs the new space wonder ‘MAN mini busses’ with natural and emotional finishing touch of the motifs made, almost en passent, in post by SUBLIME Postproduktion. GoSee: sublime-postproduction.com
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featured by Manu Agah : MANU AGAH : photographs the international 'FLOTTENSTERNE' campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ on commission for the agency Shanghai Berlin

Flottensterne, the fleet program for business clients with everything to keep you and your company moving. You choose between sprinter, sedan or urban delivery van – and with the Flottensterne program, based on fleets of 1 to 100 vehicles including various services, your choice can be perfectly made to measure to suit the size of your company.

The new FLOTTENSTERNE campaign for Mercedes-Benz was photographed by Hamburg-based photographer MANU AGAH on commission for the agency Shanghai Berlin. Post production by SUBLIME. GoSee : mercedes-benz.de///fleet-and-business

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