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About Superstudio

So what is superstudio really? Well, according to our business plan we’re a provider of comprehensive marketing communication services and we deliver media-independent solutions ranging from idea conception to total project delivery. Wow. Pretty impressive, right? But what exactly does all that mean in human terms? Simply put, we’re a bunch of creative and strategic types who love to help people communicate their ideas.

And we’re pretty darn great at finding innovative and effective visual solutions to do just that. In a nutshell, companies bring us their idea (or product or project or favorite conspiracy theory or whatever) and we find the right technology to help them communicate it, whether that means high-end photography, graphic design, CGI, full-fledged movies, 3D images, CGI, Aircam productions, or whatever other technique floats your particular boat.

Our whole philosophy is really rather simple: technique and technology are simply ways of communicating messages and creative ideas. Not that we’re not big fans of technology (because we certainly are, as our arsenal of hi-tech toys kind of proves), it’s just that we don’t lose sight of the forest because of the trees, so to speak.

Since starting in 2003, we’ve used an extremely flexible team of photographers, art directors, copy writers, graphic artists, designers, computer experts, and other left-brain types to (in some mysterious schizophrenic way), combine a structured project planning and business approach with unbridled creativity.

All of this to bring you one-stop shopping for all your communication needs, with in-house facilities and staff for all types of media creation under one, very well equipped, roof.

Superstudio is:
* Photography
* Retouch/CGI
* Production
* Design/Concept
* AirCam