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blog | Dress yourself IN LOVE: Love author Mirjam Grupp launches Wearable Poetry

Titled IN LOVE, writer Mirjam Grupp launches a new edition of Wearable Poetry. IN LOVE consists of heavy organic cotton sweatshirts with slogans that support you in supporting yourself. The sustainability of the production process is followed by emotional sustainability in the wearing process.

Mirjam: “Wearable Poetry is designed to empower yourself – to literally put on the self-responsibility to live from a place of love – or return to it.” The slogans WOMAN IN LOVE, MAN IN LOVE, HUMAN IN LOVE and AN OPEN HEART IS BULLETPROOF come either with a soft velvet touch or they glow in the dark. All pieces are hand-printed by Mirjam in a Berlin lab. “Writing a book is a beautiful process. But it is also a lengthy one and, at the end of a day, you can’t really touch your work,” says the writer who loves fashion. That’s why she started Wearable Poetry. “

In winter 2017, when working on my book about almost love stories, I initially started stitching self-love poetry on vintage...

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