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blog O Gallery in Tehran: A Cornerstone of the Contemporary Iranian Art Scene

O Gallery in Tehran enjoys a well-earned reputation as an avant-garde and central forum for contemporary Iranian art. Under the direction of the passionate and art-minded gallerist Orkideh Daroodi, this institution has had a significant impact on the development and progress of the art scene in Iran and beyond.

This summer, the O Gallery in Tehran presented the first survey exhibition of 40 years of work by Ali Nassir (born 1951 in Tehran, lives in Berlin).

Ali Nassir: A Life in Context

Ali Nassir, born in Tehran in 1951, is one of the defining figures of the Iranian art scene. Nassir's biography reflects the social and political upheavals that have shaped his life. Growing up in a city in upheaval, which was moving towards a revolution, he was drawn to Europe at the age of 23, where he eventually settled in Berlin.

The contrasts between the vibrant, ever-changing Tehran of his youth and the isolated, geopolitical Berlin he later called home left their mark on Nassir's...

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