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Blog: Weaving Afro-Feminine Identity through Strings of Art and Media

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Form Femine Art: Panning the spotlight on Nigerian artist Tammy Sinclair

For what Africa lacks in development, it has an abundance of in culture and tradition. A continent endowed with immense natural and human resources as well as great cultural diversity rich in arts & crafts including sculptures, paintings and a host of others. 
The uprising of the African creative across the globe speaks to the resilience of the people and an eagerness for expression and narrative ownership.
Like in all human culture, African art also represents a variety of social constructs on the continent and influences from beyond.
The artist gives an insight on what influences his creative and thought process. “I am of the school of thought that the strength of a society is dependent on how they treat their women. A woman's importance in the human experience cannot be overstated. Women are the most beautiful yet complex creatures. They can be hot and cold, hard and soft at the same time. They can be black and white and red and pink and green. There is no one word that describes a woman. For me women represent infinite potential.”
Tammy’s current style was birthed by curiosity and an experimentation of two of his favourite artistic practices: sculpting and drawing. The discovery of string art as a medium gave the artist a way to merge both artistic techniques.
On what inspires his art, Tammy says “The inspiration for my art is the ‘never say die’ attitude and the African spirit. Despite years of victimization and discriminating, Africa and Africans have always played a key role in the human experience. Not only being the birth place of civilization, but Africa has contributed enormously to the cultures of the world.”
Engaging in art experimentation from an early age,  Tammy Sinclair always had the drive to create art while exploring topics of racism and identity, rewriting the black narrative and highlighting the need for unity. 
In his words “The fragility of a single thread points at our weakness when we chose to stand alone. The layering of thread on thread almost seems to wax an impenetrable fortress which points at our strength if we all stand together.”
In PERE, artist Tammy Sinclair creates intriguing art, intricately woven and assembled with string art; visually depicting unapologetic Feminine Royalty that dramatizes aspects of the African culture on subjects of power and authority.
Venturing into the art goes beyond aesthetics and self expression for the artist. Tammy Sinclair attributes the central feminine thematics of his art to the personal relationship with the women in his life, “From my mum to my five sisters and my wife. The women in my life have played a major role in shaping my character and defining who I am today.”
Beyond seizing the opportunity to exhibit his works, Tammy Sinclair illuminates the compelling component for sending in entries for Collect Call // Diaspora Dial. “It was about women and women are the central theme in my works”.
The Artist speaks more on working with Forme Femine Art. “It’s great to see an organization that is dedicated to shedding light on an under appreciated yet undeniably important part of our society through art. Encouraging artists to create works that show the majesty, beauty, character, strife, strength and struggles of the woman in modern society. Lending their voice to this most important of issues and paving a way for better tomorrow.”
Forme Femine Art serves as a catalyst for artists outside the Western art ecosystem. The African-Germany based social-driven art enterprise now digitally exhibits group shows on African Femininity.
The Virtual Art Exhibition is free to join. Journalists are invited to a private viewing with the selected artists. Tickets can be issued on 1st December 2020 at formefemine.com/virtual-exhibition.
IMAGE // The Divinity of Motherhood-Tammy Sinclair
IMAGE // PERE - Tammy Sinclair

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