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Dress yourself IN LOVE: Love author Mirjam Grupp launches Wearable Poetry
Titled IN LOVE, writer Mirjam Grupp launches a new edition of Wearable Poetry. IN LOVE consists of heavy organic cotton sweatshirts with slogans that support you in supporting yourself. The sustainability of the production process is followed by emotional sustainability in the wearing process. 

Mirjam: “Wearable Poetry is designed to empower yourself – to literally put on the self-responsibility to live from a place of love – or return to it.” The slogans WOMAN IN LOVE, MAN IN LOVE, HUMAN IN LOVE and AN OPEN HEART IS BULLETPROOF come either with a soft velvet touch or they glow in the dark. All pieces are hand-printed by Mirjam in a Berlin lab. “Writing a book is a beautiful process. But it is also a lengthy one and, at the end of a day, you can’t really touch your work,” says the writer who loves fashion. That’s why she started Wearable Poetry. “

In winter 2017, when working on my book about almost love stories, I initially started stitching self-love poetry on vintage knitwear.” The collection grew and in 2019 Mirjam presented the PRELOVED edition in Berlin. “Stitching for me is like writing – just with a needle instead of a pen.” The same goes for printing. The launch of the IN LOVE sweaters is accompanied by a love interview series. Inspiring personalities open up about the various faces and phases of love. Wearable Poetry is supported by inspiring humans and the UNwomen organization. Now available within the UK & EU via bymirjam.com/wearablepoetry © // 3 files show complete blog
IMAGE // Wearable Poetry by Mirjam Grupp

Weaving Afro-Feminine Identity through Strings of Art and Media
Form Femine Art: Panning the spotlight on Nigerian artist Tammy Sinclair

For what Africa lacks in development, it has an abundance of in culture and tradition. A continent endowed with immense natural and human resources as well as great cultural diversity rich in arts & crafts including sculptures, paintings and a host of others. 
The uprising of the African creative across the globe speaks to the resilience of the people and an eagerness for expression and narrative ownership.
Like in all human culture, African art also represents a variety of social constructs on the continent and influences from beyond.
The artist gives an insight on what influences his creative and thought process. “I am of the school of thought that the strength of a society is dependent on how they treat their women. A woman's importance in the human experience cannot be overstated. Women are the most beautiful yet complex creatures. They can be hot and cold, hard and soft at the same time. They can be black and white and red and pink and green. There is no one word that describes a woman. For me women represent infinite potential.”
Tammy’s current style was birthed by curiosity and an experimentation of two of his favourite artistic practices: sculpting and drawing. The discovery of string art as a medium gave the artist a way to merge both artistic techniques.
On what inspires his art, Tammy says “The inspiration for my art is the ‘never say die’ attitude and the African spirit. Despite years of victimization and discriminating, Africa and Africans have always played a key role in the human experience. Not only being the birth place of civilization, but Africa has contributed enormously to the cultures of the world.”
Engaging in art experimentation from an early age,  Tammy Sinclair always had the drive to create art while exploring topics of racism and identity, rewriting the black narrative and highlighting the need for unity. 
In his words “The fragility of a single thread points at our weakness when we chose to stand alone. The layering of thread on thread almost seems to wax an impenetrable fortress which points at our strength if we all stand together.”
In PERE, artist Tammy Sinclair creates intriguing art, intricately woven and assembled with string art; visually depicting unapologetic Feminine Royalty that dramatizes aspects of the African culture on subjects of power and authority.
Venturing into the art goes beyond aesthetics and self expression for the artist. Tammy Sinclair attributes the central feminine thematics of his art to the personal relationship with the women in his life, “From my mum to my five sisters and my wife. The women in my life have played a major role in shaping my character and defining who I am today.”
Beyond seizing the opportunity to exhibit his works, Tammy Sinclair illuminates the compelling component for sending in entries for Collect Call // Diaspora Dial. “It was about women and women are the central theme in my works”.
The Artist speaks more on working with Forme Femine Art. “It’s great to see an organization that is dedicated to shedding light on an under appreciated yet undeniably important part of our society through art. Encouraging artists to create works that show the majesty, beauty, character, strife, strength and struggles of the woman in modern society. Lending their voice to this most important of issues and paving a way for better tomorrow.”
Forme Femine Art serves as a catalyst for artists outside the Western art ecosystem. The African-Germany based social-driven art enterprise now digitally exhibits group shows on African Femininity.
The Virtual Art Exhibition is free to join. Journalists are invited to a private viewing with the selected artists. Tickets can be issued on 1st December 2020 at formefemine.com/virtual-exhibition. © // 2 files show complete blog
IMAGE // The Divinity of Motherhood-Tammy Sinclair
IMAGE // PERE - Tammy Sinclair

Forme Femine: Art Startup Pushes Visibility Of Black Femininity - In And Outside Of The Art World
Forme Femine Art serves as a catalyst for artists outside the Western art ecosystem. The African-Germany based social-driven art enterprise now digitally exhibits group shows on African Femininity.

Nigeria is the birthplace of Forme Femine Art and its vision to enter the international art world on a mission of change. Topics are African femininity, objectification of women in art and outside of art in Africa, marginalized communities, women in arts, African women. Shows are virtually exhibited, and are establishing a Western connection with artists of African descent and upbringing.

The launch on the African context is timely, to say the least. Nigeria, Africa’s most populous country, has a long history of police violence that grew to a peak of brutality in 2020, with silencing practices formed during restrictions on the global pandemic. Yet, protests by young Nigerians are rising, with tens of thousands calling in despair for reforms, against a police state, against crimes and kidnapping, against corruption, against human rights violations - demanding change - a reform on all levels.

Charlene Chikezie, Nigerian founder and curator of Forme Femine Art says “I believe in art as a tool for influencing and changing stereotypical narratives across the globe.“ The advocate for the African feminine sourced a team on her vision of liberating values of African femininity. Simon Peters, a tech entrepreneur in between Nigeria, Zambia [Africa] and Berlin [Germany] joined the team for the digitalisation of the art shows: “Our drive comes from  doing our part on healing the social difficulties in Africa, by education through different forms of arts. With the 3D exhibition set up, we have evolved into an art startup.“

African artists portray the feminine in order to create a multilayered visual commentary on the relationship between art and society in the African context. Shows are curated to represent every region of the continent, and designed to offer the finest reflections on the diversity of thought and style that the subject of afro-femininity can offer. Their digital medium is intended to reflect cultural heritage, and engage dialogue across seas.

The Virtual Art Exhibition is free to join. Journalists are invited to a private viewing with the selected artists. Tickets can be issued on 1st December 2020 at formefemine.com/virtual-exhibition.

Forme Femine is partnering with ADYFE, an organization of the African Diaspora in Europe with close links to the EU, UN and the African Union. © // 1 file show complete blog