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The Athletic Coup Announces Festival Date for 21st May 2024 in Athens, Greece
- Untold Stories Of Athletes And Niche Sports From Around The World -

The Athletic Coup was born out of a desire to uncover the hidden gems of the athletic world, including motivational amateur athlete stories and niche sports.

Through the art of film, the film festival brings to life the passion, dedication and triumphs of athletes from all walks of life, inspiring audiences to dream big and strive for greatness.

After a year of selecting films from around the world, the first edition of the festival is now announced to take place in Athens, Greece on May 21, 2024. The partnering venue is at the prestigious Technopolis City of Athens, an old gasworks plant in the center of Athens that has been transformed into one of the most renowned cultural hubs in the city.

From the Official Selections, the following films will be shown:


Sebastien Bellin, a former professional basketball player, is on his way to New York, departing from Brussels Airport. As he was receiving his boarding pass, a bomb exploded in the Brussels airport. As he runs toward security, a second bomb explodes a few feet away. Bellin nearly died in a terrorist attack on March 22, 2016.

With some luck and help, he survives and keeps his legs after 13 surgeries. We see him thanking the Greek doctor who saved him. Six years later, Bellin completes the Ironman Triathlon of Hawaii as a disabled athlete.

Directed by: Tim Vervoort, Vincent Stevens, Gilles Simonet Watertower TV Productions
Country of origin: Belgium

IAN - Short

This short documentary follows the remarkable journey of 72-year-old Australian climber, Ian Elliott. Ian's extraordinary climbing ability defies age stereotypes, showcasing his resilience and challenging societal perceptions.

Directed by: Matt Raimondo
Country of Origin: Australia


The story of a man raised by the ocean in Brazil. Ocean athlete Joao Daniel Edde developed a unique connection with the water and developed admirable skills, whether underwater or gliding over it.

Directed by: Felipe Eisenberger
Country of Origin: Brazil


In ULTIMATE CITIZENS, Jamshid is an Iranian who came to study in 1970’s America, and due to the Revolution, never went “home.” As a guidance counselor in Seattle Public Schools, Jamshid’s best work takes place out of the building and on a playing field with “his kids,” the children of refugees and immigrants. Their parents are in the grips of their own struggles to make a living and a home in a strange land. Mr. Jamshid is the charismatic, fiery, funny human with a Frisbee in hand, who is the first to show that "love wins" on the field, off the field, at home with family, or boldly forging a new community, in a new country - one kid, chicken, extreme mile and friend at a time.

Jamshid not only practices sports (Ultimate Frisbee) with the children he serves as a school counselor to promote mental health, he has also embarked on a sports journey himself as a means of dealing with the difficult stories of the children he serves. What started with a swim in the lake became a journey of winning competitions in various solo sports.

Directed by: Francine Strickwerda
Country of Origin: USA

Running on earth’s roof: the Everest Marathon - Documentary

Every year, 200 runners brave the cold, glaciers and trails of Nepal's Khumbu massif to meet at Everest Base Camp (5300m) and take part in the world's highest marathon.

Gabriel, Mathieu and Elyar, 3 childhood friends and office workers from Paris and London, take on the challenge of running and finishing this high altitude race despite their relative inexperience in trail running.

The film follows their preparation, the 11-day trek to base camp and the race on D-Day, along with testimonials from athletes around the world and interviews with the organizers of this legendary event.

Directed by: Gabriel du Chalard de Taveau
Country of Origin: France

Most filmmakers and cast will be present for a filmmaker panel after the screenings.

Founder and Festival Director Melanie Marten says, "When we embarked on this journey to create a new film festival celebrating amateur athletes, we weren't sure if there was content out there beyond the professional sports stories. But we were overwhelmed by the emotional and motivational film submissions we received, and we are honored to be able to showcase them at the Technopolis Amphitheater, in a former gas holder turned auditorium, in a historic area of Athens that has been transformed into a hub of innovation, entertainment and culture. We also could not be more grateful that the filmmakers and the cast are supporting us with their personal presence".

THE ATHLETIC COUP film festival • 21st May 2024
Technopolis City of Athens Gasholder 1 – Auditorium Miltiadis Evert

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Enter The Athletic Coup Brand Awards
The Athletic Coup was born out of a desire to uncover the inspirational stories of amateur athletes and niche sports performed in remote areas of the world.

The festival is a purpose-driven endeavor to promote mental health through physical activity and to celebrate the community aspects of sports.

On the occasion of our upcoming festival in May 21, 2024, in Athens, Greece, we’re excited to announce The Athletic Coup Brand Awards.

Join us as we bring athletic action to the big screen, celebrate physical excellence and explore unique sports in exciting locations around the globe.

Secure your brand spot.

Enter for a chance to win The Athletic Coup Brand Award for your category. Show your brand commercial on the big screen at The Athletic Coup film festival.

Commercial submissions are accepted in the categories: sports, fitness, wellness, outdoors, food & beverage, health, hospitality and technology.

Submit your brand commercial for the award consideration and the screening: 
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When in Berlin … Gimme Gelato!
Gimme Gelato spoils Berlin with artisanal ice cream creations. Served from the glass-walled gelato lab in Berlin-Charlottenburg and some twenty high-tech mobile units ranging from gelato containers to food trucks and retro-designed gelato bikes at popular Berlin locations, the popular gelato brand can be recognized by its mascot, Jimmy the Otter. The rich ingredients are served, among other things, with edible spoons in line with the zero-waste concept.

There's always a selection of local milk-based popsicles and scoops, as well as vegan treats. The announcement of the season's selection comes with an annual season’s opening event at the café in Berlin-Charlottenburg, where locals and visitors to Berlin get a free tasting and the Gimme Gelato team collects donations for people in need.

This year's Otter-branded Gimme Gelato popsicle highlights include Cheesecake Lime Basil with Wafer Crunch & White Chocolate (milk ice cream), Mango Passion Fruit with White Chocolate & Coconut (vegan), Coconut Rum Grape (vegan), Oat Chocolate with Raspberry Swirl (vegan), and Vanilla Oats with Amatika Chocolate (vegan).

Scoop highlights include sea buckthorn yogurt (dairy ice cream) and raspberry chocolate brownie (vegan). Sorbet options include Raspberry (vegan) and Orange Sorbet (vegan). Keep an eye on when the iconic Austrian Sacher cake gelato is available, as the flavors rotate each week.

Ralf Sander, the gelato pioneer behind Gimme Gelato, is a force in technology-driven gastronomy. With a background in brewing and extensive experience in the food industry, including ventures in Japan, he combines artisan craftsmanship and rich ingredients with cutting-edge technology.

Sander's foray into the world of artisanal frozen delights began with the founding of Gimme Gelato in 2018, following intensive training in gelato craftsmanship in Bologna, Italy. Today, Gimme Gelato is synonymous with handcrafted ice cream excellence, proudly displayed in the glass factory headquarters and futuristic mobile parlors strategically stationed at popular locations like the zoo.

From remote-controlled mobile vans to electronic-only receipts, every facet of the Gimme Gelato experience is meticulously designed for efficiency and sustainability. Sander's mantra is clear: embrace innovation to streamline processes while preserving the artisanal essence of gelato making. A highlight of the brand's high-tech mobile units is the Gimme Gelato Ape, the iconic Italian Piaggio tricycle, which is fully electric and has been transformed to include a full Gimme Gelato sales counter in the cargo area.

As Chief Gelato Officer, Sander embodies a fervent dedication to using technology as a catalyst for change as he continues to shape the future of gastronomy, one scoop at a time.

More at gimmegelato.de

Instagram: @gimmegelato

GIMME GELATO Headquarter café
Wundtstraße 15 • 14059 Berlin • Charlottenburg © // 6 files show complete blog