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Cinema Verde Is Looking For Green Ambassadors
Content creators and micro influencers watch out: Cinema Verde is looking for support to help spread environmental awareness, foster exchange, inspiration and local environmental action. Become a Cinema Verde Green Ambassador and join their content suggestion program.

We live in an age of constant distraction that can leave us unable to pay attention to our environment. Cinema Verde calls us out to get back to the basics. Nature is where we find peace and clarity, and it is endangered.

Cinema Verde hosts a database of award-winning films from independent environmental filmmakers on a new streaming platform. The indie films are based on the authentic storytelling, artistic expression or unique exploration of solutions to environmental challenges we’re facing.

Cinema Verde is looking for change makers across all platforms to encourage a spirit of collaboration and commitment in building a healthy future.

Hold the title as Cinema Verde Green Ambassador, get a free environmental film streaming pass and be provided with exclusive, sharable content from the indie eco filmmakers. Help Cinema Verde spread love for nature and educational content about the environment in the Green Ambassador program.

“Learning about different and diverse parts of our world, practicing appreciation for our natural world, and observing different insights from our eco-filmmakers is a way to inspire change in times when the state of our world could easily cause us to freeze,” says Cinema Verde Founding Director Trish Riley.
Cinema Verde is a non-profit educational organization. The subscription revenue of the streaming channel is paid out fully to the indie eco filmmakers. Cinema Verde partners with We Are Neutral as its sustainability partner to provide carbon neutral streaming. 

Become a Cinema Verde Green Ambassador now. Leave your details at 
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Anaya Wellness: Wellness-Centered Leadership Coaching Sets Benchmark For Employee Impact
Anaya Wellness, under Founding CEO & Holistic Experience Curator Tawn Williams, sets out to make positive employee impact a goal in leadership. Through a people-centric approach, Williams fosters mindful leadership and emotionally healthy workplaces.

Attracting and, above all, retaining talent is presently one of the biggest tasks for startups, mid-sized businesses and enterprises to secure business growth. Teams are becoming increasingly remote. What may seem like the answer to finding talent - namely recruiting decentralized from an international pool plus including the option of working from home for parents and people with home offices as a personal preference, still ignores the most important aspect of employee retention in large part.

“There is no winner in the Great Reshuffle of the workforce in the Western economy. Just because management teams think they can replace talent by hiring decentralized employees does not mean there is a sustainable foundation and the employees feel part of a team,” says Williams.

Another factor is that talent is increasingly opting for freelance businesses, and half of the workforce is projected to become freelance. “Incentive programs fail as the main retention program,” Williams says. Tech giant Google reportedly already passed the 50% mark back in 2018. Freelance workforce is reportedly not feeling integrated into the team of full-time staff.

“What we know from marketing about customer acquisition also applies to human resources: Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer,” Williams says and adds: “Efforts need to be put in place for employee satisfaction in a world where the team consists of inhouse, WFH and external workforce.”

Anaya Wellness specializes in creating emotionally healthy workplaces. This begins with leadership coaching sessions designed to identify and emphasize the personal side of the leader and to discover how a people-centered approach can bring about the necessary cultural change. In HR consultancy, wellness programs for teams are being created. For engaging employees at personal levels, online wellness classes by internationally vetted mindfulness instructors are available through the online employee wellness platform House of Anaya. Also, physical team building events and team retreats are being planned and executed at Anaya Wellness.

“Mindfulness and mental health are not just buzzwords for us. Our consultants, coaches and wellness instructors are dedicated to enhancing the human experience,” Williams explains and adds: “We create spiritual wellness experiences, and progressive leadership and work environments.”

The employee experience platform House of Anaya aims to create a sense of community through company-branded access to live classes designed for introspection and education such as sound baths, meditation, herbalism and more.

Currently, Anaya Wellness is conducting a research, leadership development, employee retention and overall mood index tracking pilot program. Companies ranging from 50 to 500+ employees can apply to participate in a company-wide, custom-created wellness program in order to gather comprehensive data and metrics for success. Areas of focus will be leadership development, employee retention and overall increased mood index.

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IMAGE // HOUSE OF ANAYA: Chiquita Afuluenu, Pranic Healer, Divine Energy Coaching
IMAGE // HOUSE OF ANAYA: Chiquita Afuluenu, Pranic Healer, Divine Energy Coaching

Cinema Verde Calls For Submissions From Independent Environmental Filmmakers
Cinema Verde is on a mission to provide environmental education from independent sources to international audiences through films presented at festivals, on a streaming platform, and at satellite screenings around the world.
A film festival of 13 years, and now a global streaming platform, Cinema Verde presents artistic and creative environmental films as a means to seek change on challenges and disasters such as pollution, water scarcity, biodiversity loss, global warming, environmental contamination, and social justice.
Environmental filmmakers from around the world are invited to submit their work for the festival and worldwide distribution via the streaming channel.
The selection process of the Cinema Verde festival films is based on the authentic storytelling of independent filmmakers who either offer an artistic way of spreading awareness for nature and society or exploring and offering concrete solutions to one of the many environmental challenges we’re facing. The film curation is spearheaded by Trish Riley, long-time environmental journalist and author, and founding director of Cinema Verde.
The annual film festival, held in Florida, is complemented by quarterly mini-festivals marketing the release of new films to the streaming platform cinemaverde.org. Awarded films will be added to the environmental film database, available to stream for members on a subscription fee. The revenue of the channel is divided among the filmmakers based on viewership on the films.
The indie filmmakers are given speaking opportunities at the physical events, as well as in exclusive virtual interviews and roundtable talks on the Cinema Verde streaming platform.
In today's challenging times, we need the global creator community more inventive than ever to inspire change. Therefore, filmmakers are invited to submit their environmental short or feature films to give voice to different issues and represent all regions of the world.
All-year-long film submissions for festivals and streaming:
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