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featured by Patrick Schwalb : ‘Curated Outfits of Discerning Taste’ – PATRICK SCHWALB photographs in Berlin for MEY & EDLICH

Fashion photographer PATRICK SCHWALB staged the latest menswear for his client MEY & EDLICH on location in Berlin.

German men’s fashion label MEY & EDLICH, founded in 1870 in Leipzig and originally specialized in laundering fabrics, has been a part of the Walbusch Group since 2004 and stands for durable quality with stylish sustainable designs. MEY & EDLICH offers a curated assortment in which each piece of clothing has its own story to tell. Mey & Edlich began, by the way, as the first German mail-order company – long before the internet had even been thought of.

Following the relaunch of the brand, Walbusch has been offering high-quality business- and leisurewear, above all for younger customers, under the name of Mey & Edlich since 2007. The new mail-order company is headquartered once again on Ernst-Mey-Straße 1a – a street named after the founder as early as October 1888 – in the building purchased by Ernst Mey in 1885 but not used by the company itself from 1953 to 2006. Business, from purchasing and sales, to the call center and management, is conducted completely from Solingen, the distribution center of Walbusch.

Standing in front of the camera of Patrick Schwalb was male model Clayton Pyle. Creative Director on set was Torsten Gatterdam, Naja Freund took care of styling, and Dirk Neuhofer was responsible for grooming. Production was in the hands of Shelter, Berlin.

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featured by BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS : ‘MAC For Successful People’ - Tina LUTHER c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS photographs the MAC Jeans campaign

Tina LUTHER c/o BIRGIT STÖVER ARTISTS photographed once again for a MAC Jeans campaign. This time, it was off to the streets of Barcelona for the photographer and her team – where they created jeans motifs just as sunny as they are stylish.

In September 2020, Eveline Schönleber, Managing Director & Shareholder of MAC, presented sustainable product innovations from MAC at the Sustainable Fashion Summit of the renowned textile industry magazine. The clear focus has always been on the triad of economic, ecological and social responsibility. Sustainability and entrepreneurial foresight have always been deeply anchored in the DNA of MAC and are not based on trends, but are understood as lived values.

The consciousness for conducting business sustainably in an industry which doesn’t necessarily follow eco-friendly practices has been increasingly developed at MAC over the years: “With the 2020 Sustainability Report, we would like to document what is already being done today to promote sustainable development and what still remains to be done in the future so that we can continue to fulfill our growing commitment.” GoSee :
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