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news featured by NERGER M&O PORSCHE Vision Gran Turismo – a virtual race car of the future as a concept study, photographed by Tobias HABERMANN c/o NERGER M&O

Exclusively for the new sim racing game Gran Turismo 7 on the Sony Playstation, a team of designers and developers from Porsche not only put their ideas into designing a virtual race car but also into pushing forward the development of real cars of the future. Their work culminated in building a 1:1 scale model of the Porsche Vision GT.

Telling the story behind the team, showing where they draw their inspiration and what it actually means to develop a race car completely from scratch was the brief to be realized in a film and photos.

Photographer Tobias HABERMANN c/o NERGER M&O and the film team led by Chris Schwarz/doity accompanied Salar Vakili (Advanced Interior Designer, Style Porsche), Fabian Schmölz (Exterior Designer, Style Porsche) and Pegah Vaezzadeh (Visualisation Specialist) at work in the Porsche Development Centre in Weissach/Stuttgart.

GoSee the documentary The design story of the Porsche Vision Gran Turismo and read more

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