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news ‘The Flying Stars of Sierra Leone’ – the GoFundMe campaign by multiple award-winning photographer TODD ANTONY for you on GoSee.NEWS is your chance to get an original print for little money !

Photographer Todd Antony traveled recently to Sierra Leone and photographed the Salone Flying Stars team on location. Impressed by the joy with which the boys played, he then started his GoFundMe campaign in order to provide all Flying Stars players throughout Sierra Leone with new sets of crutches and replacement ferrules (the hard rubber feet on the bottom of the crutches) – and hopefully, additional funding so that they can organize transportation between cities to enable matches between the different teams. The crutches are purchased in the UK and then shipped to Sierra Leone.

As we were provoked, marginalized, insulted with all kinds of names, we formed this club to bring us together, as one family to share our feelings, especially to support our mental strength in our special living conditions and social recovery.” The Flying Star Amputees tell us.

Every donation is very welcome, but everyone who donates £150 or more receives a signed limited edition print from the series,...

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