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news featured by MAGROUND MAGROUND : PRIVATE PROPERTY photo production with cleared rights - CGI-READY CONTENT with 3000 BACKGROUND IMAGES & HDR DOMES for car campaigns

MAGROUND presents a new private property photo production in Spain. The result of the shoot has just been published on the MAGROUND website. “Of course, these locations come with a property release, ensuring that all third-party rights related to the architecture, the owner, and the environment have been cleared. More than 3000 📸 background images and HDR domes for car integration have been captured for your next campaign,” says the MAGROUND team.

MAGROUND offers a sustainable and cost-effective alternative to the traditional production of marketing content for the automotive industry. Using 3D models and virtual environments, the MAGROUND private property locations with cleared rights of third-parties offer brands high-quality visualizations while saving time and resources.

“Virtual production enables marketing teams to create high-quality visuals without needing large teams and costly location shoots. Instead, all that is required is the appropriate backplate and HDRi content to...

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