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news Anke Luckmann photographs the BMW 7 Protection - with post production support from TREY

With the BMW i7 Protection, BMW is the first mass-production automaker to offer an armored version of a luxury sedan with an all-electric drive system in Europe, alongside its armored 7 Series Protection models. On the outside, the differences between BMW’s Protection models and their ICE-powered counterparts with M Sport package are quite discreet and ingeniously inconspicuous. And even the levels of ride comfort and spaciousness of the interior are said to hardly differ.

Anke Luckmann photographed the sedan for the agency Jung von Matt. On the job for post production was TREY Hamburg.

Ensuring the safety of passengers, in accordance with the VR9 protection rating, is the heart of the armor vehicle : the new BMW Protection Core, which comprises the model-specific self-supporting body structure made from armor steel – combined with features such as additional armoring for the doors, underbody and roof as well as armored glass.

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