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news featured by BOSCHtoBANRAP Get ready for you ! The BEELINE/SIX director’s cut commercial by Director Kolja ECKERT c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP for you on GoSee.News

We like the way they groove … Berlin-based photographer and director Kolja ECKERT c/o BOSCHTOBANRAP captured just how diverse and versatile the accessories of SIX can be for BEELINE. With his stylistically playful approach to light, he demonstrates in a dynamic and feel-good way how the SIX accessories can be combined by everyone to entirely fit their taste and the occasion.

Kolja realized the campaign spot together with Creative Director Jen Maerkert, set stylists Catrin Hansmerten and Hivi Nekshebendi, hair & make-up artists Nadine Bauer and Katja Maassen, stylists Elke Dostal and Silke Holzschuher, as well as production manager Ute Müller for BEELINE and SIX – and we present you the director’s cut. SIX – get ready for you.

About – SIX is a fashion jewelry brand, offering the latest styles and trends for everyone. Customers will find everything from newest fashion and Instagram trends, to gold- and silver-plated jewelry, high-quality & waterproof stainless-steel materials, unique...

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