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featured by Hauser Fotografen : Valentin MÜHL c/o HAUSER FOTOGRAFEN photographs an ad motif for OPAAK, the lingerie label of Agathe D. Dzialocha

Opaak is the brainchild of founder and creative director Agathe D. Dzialocha, who launched the contemporary bodywear brand in 2017. Having worked in the creative area of luxury fashion in the cosmopolitan cities of Stockholm and Amsterdam, she decided to commit more deeply to greater sustainability and longevity of fashion while engaging continuously with her ever-muse of inspiration: Women.

Valentin MÜHL c/o Hauser Fotografen photographed an ad motif for OPAAK, the lingerie label of Agathe D. Dzialocha.

“We are providing the tool for a strong sense of self by creating statement lingerie and bodywear. Each item is created to accompany you beyond trends and seasons with durability and longevity. We are convinced that sustainable fashion should be designed to be long-lasting so that it can be worn and enjoyed for many years.” Agathe D. Dzialocha.

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