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news featured by B&A REPS Germany FORD honors pioneer Aloha Wanderwell with the FORD ALOHA CX740S – a campaign photographed by Patrik JOHÄLL c/o B&A REPS GERMANY

Born in 1906, Canadian native Aloha Wanderwell, aka Idris Galcia Hall, whose maiden name was Welsh, was a real-life female Indiana Jones, and that even long before his time – she was an explorer, filmmaker, wife and mother. At the early age of sixteen, she was the first woman to drive around the world. Her car : a Ford Model T. Aloha visited places which no one, man or woman, from the West had ever seen before. She kept journals of her travels in which she documented every step along the way, every country, every discovery and every encounter on her adventures and subsequently held lectures on her extraordinary experiences.

Ford is honoring the courageous trailblazer Aloha with the special edition model FORD ALOHA CX740S, and Patrik JOHÄLL c/o B&A REPS GERMANY photographed the campaign for it.

Aloha’s bold expedition began in Paris and took several years. We read on Wikipedia : “Idris began her adventurous career when she met her traveling companion Walter ‘Cap’ Wanderwell in 1922....

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