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featured by B&A REPS Germany : Stefan SNYMAN c/o B&A REPS GERMANY photographs for POWERADE on commission for the agency Ogilvy, CD: Caio Batista, produced by Twentyfour-Seven

Client: Powerade by The Coca-Cola Company
Product: Powerade
Project: Powerade
Agency: Ogilvy, Creative Direction: Caio Batista
Photography: Stefan Snyman
Models: Michael Salami, Jinrui Zhang, Ji So-Yun
Production: Twentyfour-Seven (Robert Mazze, Patricia Alves)

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featured by B&A REPS Germany : FORD honors pioneer Aloha Wanderwell with the FORD ALOHA CX740S – a campaign photographed by Patrik JOHÄLL c/o B&A REPS GERMANY

Born in 1906, Canadian native Aloha Wanderwell, aka Idris Galcia Hall, whose maiden name was Welsh, was a real-life female Indiana Jones, and that even long before his time – she was an explorer, filmmaker, wife and mother. At the early age of sixteen, she was the first woman to drive around the world. Her car : a Ford Model T. Aloha visited places which no one, man or woman, from the West had ever seen before. She kept journals of her travels in which she documented every step along the way, every country, every discovery and every encounter on her adventures and subsequently held lectures on her extraordinary experiences.

Ford is honoring the courageous trailblazer Aloha with the special edition model FORD ALOHA CX740S, and Patrik JOHÄLL c/o B&A REPS GERMANY photographed the campaign for it.

Aloha’s bold expedition began in Paris and took several years. We read on Wikipedia : “Idris began her adventurous career when she met her traveling companion Walter ‘Cap’ Wanderwell in 1922. They married in 1925 and had two children. As they continued to travel the world, Aloha Wanderwell performed on stage, giving travel lectures against the backdrop of a silent movie entitled ‘With Car and Camera Around the World’. The Wanderwells made films of their travels on 35mm nitrate and 16mm film which are now kept in the archives of the Library of Congress and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.”

She was supported from beginning to end by the Ford Motor Company. The reason being that the vehicle she had chosen was Ford’s Model T ‘Flivver’. Why? Because it was reliable and easy to repair.

Ford also had an extensive dealer network which Aloha referred to as the ‘the only global spare parts service.’ Which is how she received technical support Ford at several stops on her journey. And when that was not possible, Aloha became creative : At times, she substituted kerosene for gasoline, or mashed bananas were used for lubricant. In India, she relied on oxen to tow her Ford Model T across mud flats and rivers. Her journey lasted more than seven years and took her to 43 countries.

Aloha made her last appearance for 150 family members and guests, including Dr. Pete Lee, Curator of the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, in the year 1982. She died at the age of almost 90 on 4 June, 1996.

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ARTIST Patrik Johäll c/o B&A REPS Germany

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featured by Claudia Bitzer : CLAUDIA BITZER : Tim Adorf photographs the new BMW X3 for SERVICEPLAN, a first selection of photos for you on GoSee.NEWS

Tim ADORF c/o CLAUDIA BITZER photographed the new BMW X3 during a film shoot with Serviceplan, Tempomedia and TWENTYFOUR-7 Productions. We present you the first photos from the production spanning several weeks here on GoSee.

Claudia Bitzer : “Tim Adorf photographs what fascinates him most. Which is why his portfolio reflects this interest in inspiring personalities, thrilling sports, beautiful cars, good music and unique landscapes accordingly. Following his training as a photographer, he worked with renowned photographers as a photo assistant for seven years, supporting large-scale photo productions and learning all facets of advertising photography.”

The BMW X3 is a compact SUV from BMW which has been produced since fall 2003. The latest series of the X3 was first built only at the plant in Spartanburg County (South Carolina), but is meanwhile also manufactured in South Africa and China. Since 2019, the BMW X3 has also been offered for the first time as the BMW X3 M model, and the battery-electric iX3 based on the third generation was launched on 14 Jul, 2020. GoSee : &
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