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About Ulrich Schuster

I’m Ulrich - let me tell you a little about myself.
I originally come from Munich, Germany and have moved around quite a bit since then, living and working in Canada, Austria and Nuremberg. I finally decided to move to Berlin in August 2018.
I have a degree in communications which has provided me with a skill set that can transfer into a variety of roles. Spanning from agencies, TV-Stations, various publishing companies and startups I got to know the diversity of marketing and communication as well as their challenges.
For the past 10 years I have been exploring my love for photography and worked for various companies with diverse tasks and visual needs as a professional photographer. I naturally developed an inclination to the fields of Lifestyle, Sport, Portrait & Documentary photography, which I partly have to credit to my love of sports and playing ice hockey for over 20 years.
I have also published numerous images in various newspapers and magazines as a photojournalist (AZ, NN, Bild etc.), but this has not made me forget analogue photography as I still enjoy shooting film.
If there is anything else you would like to know or question feel free to get in contact.

I'am looking forward to meeting you!