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UPDATE-22-BERLIN says thank you ! We’ll see you in spring 2023 in Berlin ! Photos and a few quotes from the event for you on GoSee.News

After what feels like a small eternity, we were delighted to see so many dear faces at UPDATE-22-BERLIN. A good 60 agencies were at the event, the UPDATE LIBRARY was up and running, and the GoSeeAWARDS winners were once again chosen. We would especially like to thank Kristina and Marion here for doing such a great job at the UPDATE Bar. 

We would also like to take a moment to thank BMW, KeKo, antoni, Zalando, Otto, Kolle Rebbe, Jung von Matt, Whale Amsterdam, Lloyd Schuhe, Scholz & Friends, Track, Looping Group, McCann, Calvin Klein, Heimat, Leo Burnett, Liebeskind Berlin, Publicis One Touch, Wunderman Thompson, WE LOVE Artbuying, C3 Creativ Code and Content, BBDO, Kemmler & Kemmler, Peter Hahn, thjnk, Kolle Rebbe, Theo Wormland, Muehlhausmoers, Zum Goldenen Hirschen, Non Food, Velocity McCann, … as well as the many art producers, art buyers, and direct clients.

We were particularly delighted in 2022 by the great number of international exhibitors that the event attracted. Sweden, Norway, Poland, France, Holland, Austria, the US, India, … It’s wonderful to see how far UPDATE and GoSee shine their light. We have made ourselves a promise to do everything in our power that it stays that way or shines even more brightly.

We have several beautiful impressions for you and a few quotes from exhibitors of UPDATE-22-BERLIN. We’ll see you in 2023.

“As always, extraordinarily professional and with meticulous attention to detail. We are extremely satisfied and very exhausted after what feels like six hours of speed dating.” Doro Göbels, CEO ROCKENFELLER & GÖBELS, Düsseldorf.

“I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the very successful trade show. Great venue, good people, excellently organized. Of course, for Atau and me, a very special highlight was that he got the chance to work on the wall and not ‘only’ on canvas. Even more wonderful is that Frau Maaß was so happy with the result, she decided it can stay. How many 24-year-olds can say that their work adorns a wall at Humboldt Carré.” Eva Witt-Braedt, CEO ART ACT, agency for illustration, Munich.

Hope you are well and had time to rest yesterday. I wanted to thank you and your team for the great trade show. I know how much work it implies. You guys nailed it!! I’m very happy and I’m looking forward to the next one.” Olivier Jezequel, LGA MANAGEMENT, Paris.

We had a great day and met a lot of creatives. Thank you and see you next year.” Monique Grondijs, CEO MRS. ROBINSON, Amsterdam.

What a pleasure to meet you all in person. You did a fantastic job, and we enjoyed every minute. We hope to see all of you in India. Do not hesitate to get in touch whenever you have any questions.” Harsha Sinha, Producer, ELEMENTS.ASIA, New Delhi.

“A gigantic THANK YOU for a brilliant UPDATE on Wednesday, many valuable and inspiring conversations in a world-class venue – we are still completely swept away and filled with inspiration from this wonderful day! Many thanks to you for this great event and for letting us be part of it!” Kathrin Schael, Sales Director Germany EyeEm Mobile GmbH.

We love GoSee, we love UPDATE, we love you. Great job guys, we will be back.” Brianna Burt, Marketing & Comms Manager, LS PRODUCTIONS, GB.

“Truly a wonderful event with great visitors. Thank you very much. We felt very much at home.” Kozva Rigaud, CEO SHOTVIEW, Berlin.

“We spent the whole day at UPDATE and met very many creative artists and exciting exhibitors from Paris, Warsaw, Amsterdam and Germany. We really liked the spirit of the salon. We are coming again next year.” Fabio Olivotti, Head of Content, Digital and Editorial Marketing BMW, Munich.

“Thank you for this great UPDATE. The exhibitors were very inspiring again and the venue provided the perfect setting.” Ingo Brack Head of Marketing & Creative Services & Media Creative Services ESCADA, Munich.

“This was our first UPDATE in Berlin – we had a great time and saw a lot of inspiring talents.” Dennis van Weerdenburg, Director Creative Operations & Production, and Marielle Budwilowitz, Senior Manager Creative Operations and Production CALVIN KLEIN, Amsterdam.

GoSee : UPDATE-23-BERLIN & photos : Rolf Scheider
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Tape Art Artist ATAU taping live at UPDATE-22-BERLIN – a short interview with the young uber-taper for you on GoSee

Berlin resident ATAU works exclusively with tape. What might sound strange at first is a beautiful sight to see. Graphic, thoroughly thought-through and inspiring : “Developing new spatial experiences using tape and interacting with a given space fascinates me. I create unique artistic concepts in order to redesign interior and exterior spaces.”

His artwork, installations and murals can be found meanwhile in galleries, exhibitions, street art events and festivals around the world. His work was on display just recently for example at the art gallery 3331 in Tokyo as part of the Mt-art project by Mt masking tape Japan.

“In my artistic approach, I experiment with the medium tape and question its basic principles: through cuts and omissions, I dissolve straight lines, integrate circular shapes, leave gaps through which the materiality of the surface becomes visible as a further level. Color overlaps and offsets create gradients that, depending on the position of the viewer, decompose the lines. My starting point are often structures and grids into which I zoom in and out with great detail: urban networks, image elements such as pixels, nervous systems connecting with each other. I often work intuitively and without a template. My artworks and installations are created organically. I am fascinated by making decisions during the creative process that influence my artistic outcome.” says Atau.

And of course we had a few questions.

Tape is not an obvious choice one might assume. How did you start?
Already when I was a student, I was always totally absorbed in redesigning my books. I was born in Berlin and grew up under the same roof as the two media artists Gusztav Hámos and Katja Pratschke in Kreuzberg. As far back as I can remember, my parents gave me the freedom to express my creativity. While I was still in school, I founded the artist collective Solit together with three friends from the neighborhood. I designed the logo, fashion, stickers and our social media site. In 2018, I stumbled across tape as a medium by chance and decided to continue focusing on my tape artwork. I began collaborating with various other artists and worked on art projects as a freelance artist for which I cooperated with brands such as Adidas, Samsung or Audi. During this time, my fascination with tape art and the endless possibilities of the medium continued to grow. I have since created installations and other works of art in various countries throughout Europe as well as in Japan, Taiwan and China.

Do you always work graphically?
Most of my artwork is abstract, I love making colorful art with strong contrasts. I work with simple masking tape, foils and everything else that sticks to walls. Thanks to an art scholarship in Tokyo and Ushimado, I got a sponsorship with Japanese tape manufacturer, mt masking tape. The company produces special tapes made from Washi paper. What I love about working with these tapes is that they have a super-broad range of colors, and because the material is slightly transparent, you can mix even more colors by overlapping them.

What inspires you?
Ever since I was a child, I have been fascinated with my everyday urban surroundings, by machines and architecture. A big part of my inspiration comes from Op art, digital image elements and street art. A couple of artists who have had a strong influence on me are Victor Vasarely, Yayoi Kusama, Felipe Pantone, Heinz Edelmann, Niki de Saint Phalle, Demsky J. …

We have just experienced you at UPDATE and are impressed by the calmness you radiate amid all the hustle and bustle. Live performance – is that all in a day’s work for you? Or do you prefer to work alone in peace and quiet?
The kind of art that I make means closely communicating with collectors and clients. Often also during the creative process. Which is why it’s totally normal for me when others watch while I’m working, ask me questions or make suggestions. As long as I keep my creative freedom, I sometimes find it quite beneficial. It usually motivates me when I tape live in front of an audience. But it’s also a great feeling when I prepare something for weeks on end and then get to see the reaction of visitors to the finished artwork.

How was ‘working’ specifically at our UPDATE for you? 
It was a new experience to be able to demonstrate my craft live in front of so many faces known throughout the industry. What totally surprised me was that so many visitors recognized me from projects such as the design of the JVM Academy. I am so very grateful to Eva for giving me the chance, and if I can do it again in 2023, I’ll gladly be there for another live performance.

Taping in front of your agent is therefore probably no problem at all for you?
Exactly, that wasn’t a problem at all. Eva and I have a friendly relationship. I was actually quite happy that I was at UPDATE together with her. That way, I could concentrate on my artwork while she met with clients and collectors.

What and when is the next performance?
My next job is in ***, Hungary from 6 – 11 June. Together with the media artists Gustav Hámos and Katja Pratschke, we are realizing an installation with the title ‘The Bush is on Fire’. For this installation, we are reconstructing a synagogue and a church which were destroyed during different periods. Through interaction, visitors can actively bring the buildings back to life. The installation combines photo, video and tape art, and is part of the exhibition with the title ‘Community Building’. The exhibition is open from 10 June, 2022 – 10 October, 2022. City: Székesfehérvár Museum: Csók István Képtár.

We will, of course, save the date – and can’t wait to find out if we’ll see ATAU again in 2023 at UPDATE-23-BERLIN. We’d be delighted.

GoSee : art-act.de & UPDATE.Salon
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UPDATE-22-BERLIN is looking forward to a good 60 agencies and countless creative visitors – we’ll see you on Wednesday in Berlin !

In 2022, the time has finally come : the first UPDATE after nearly two years ! The response in the run-up to the event has been amazing – from exhibitors and visitors alike. So you can imagine how excited we are about Wednesday. A good 60 agencies from the areas of representation, production, casting, location scouting, post, illustration, modeling, photography and film have registered, and will meet up with an interesting mix of trade visitors from the areas of art buying, producing, brand strategy, marketing, direct clients, … 

The exhibitors are coming once again from around the globe : from A as in Amsterdam to W as in Warsaw – a colorful bouquet of top-notch production partners who all stand for the high-end cutting edge when it comes to photography, illustration and film. Established services meet state-of-the-art start-ups, from India to Ibiza, from apps to reps – and we’re in the middle of it all.

At the event, there will certainly be plenty of portfolios to see – but also awaiting you is a bit of photographing, discussing, analyzing, eating ice cream, tasting smoothies, taking control of the bar, and seemingly in passing, creating artwork. 

Online accreditation is no longer possible as of today – but if you do decide to stop by spontaneously, just bring your business card with you. For ABs, ADs, CDs, creation, PR, marketing, direct clients, … attendance is at no cost.

The event is unfortunately not open to photographers. Exception: the TOP20 of the GoSeeAWARDS and the photographers of the UPDATE LIBRARY

Date : 25 May, 2022
Venue : Humboldt Carré, Behrenstr. 42, 10117 Berlin
Doors are open : from 12pm to 7pm
End of event : 8pm

GoSee : UPDATE.Salon & GoSeeAWARDS.com
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