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featured by GoSee FASHION : GoSee CREATIVES TO WATCH : Insa Meier, Art Director Brand Marketing at COMMA - on the visual identity of the brand, the S/S 2024 collection and the magic of the little things in life

The fashion label COMMA reminds us in the new Spring/Summer 2024 campaign that each and every moment is absolutely priceless. The trick is to draw positive energy and memories from little things and moments, and by doing so, lead a more conscious and happier life. The ‘Little Moments’ campaign embodies this philosophy and invites us to recognize and appreciate the small pleasures in life. With campaign faces Cate Underwood, Elisabetta Dessy and Anita Pozzo, comma has captured the magic and many facets of these ‘Little Moments’.

We are delighted to present Insa Meier, Art Director Brand Marketing at COMMA, on GoSee. The 31-year-old lives in Hamburg and has been working in art direction since 2016. She has just supported the GoSeeAwards – and visitors of UPDATE.Salon had the chance to meet her in person. “I love working on projects and shoots with lots of different creative people and using all our combined creative energy to get amazing results.” Insa tells us.

How long have you been with comma and which areas are the main focus of your work? “It’ll be two years this May. I was brought on board to modernize the visual language – and I think we have already taken a big step forward. I take care of everything visual, in other words, all productions (except for ecom). I supervise projects from start to finish, create concepts, set up the home page, update the Instagram feed and take over part of the producing, alongside art buying and model casting.” And she’s always looking for high-end videographers, by the way.

How many shoots do you realize? We shoot around six lookbooks a year, two campaigns, and produce content in between. Plus, we have our own photo studio where we work with our in-house team.”

Does comma have a visual identity? “It’s a work in progress; we are still working on fine-tuning our visual identity, but it’s important to us to focus our work on the women. We don’t want to merely show beautiful models, but tell stories. Storytelling and the person behind the facade are what count for us.

During the time I’ve been at comma, I have gotten to meet amazing individuals; strong women committed to a cause, some of which have even found themselves face to face with fate at some point. There’s something to be learned, as a takeaway, from each and every woman. We try to pass that on to our clients.”

Take best ager model Elisabetta, for instance, who says that the most beautiful little moments for her are, “(...) especially at home in front of the fireplace with a book and a cup of tea”. After ending her Olympic swimming career at the age of 18, the now 66-year-old became a model, worked as an actress and raised two children. She has posed for countless brands, traveled the world and knows the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between body and mind.

Sounds quite familiar to Cate Underwood, who began her career as a photographer and today also divides her time between being a model, DJ and, not to mention, a mother. Born and raised in Ukraine, Cate is dedicated to helping the people of her home country and knows how important it is to focus on the little things in life, to draw strength from them and to feel good about yourself.

And what are Insa’s favorite little moments? “When I take time off for myself, a little me time, and consciously live in that moment. Drink my iced coffee, enjoy every last ray of sunshine, go for a walk and try to be mindful of things I have never noticed before.”

Here on GoSee, Insa presents us the latest campaign as well as COMMA Magazine with several spreads and collections. Because, alongside its main collection, comma also offers various capsules again this spring & summer, including Candy Color, introducing the Tanzania social project. Together with ‘Cotton Made in Africa’, COMMA advocates for African girls by giving them a chance to complete their high school education.
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featured by GoSeeAWARDS : GOSEEAWARDS 2024 SHORTLIST OUT NOW - participate in our PUBLIC VOTING and choose who will be this year’s crowd favorite !

Loved by all - PUBLIC VOTING for the GOSEEAWARDS 2024 is now open. Cast your vote via the link below :


Themed upon the topic of ‘AI MEETS REALITY’ this year, both the works submitted as well as thoughts on the subject have been quite interesting indeed. We have a few voices from our 20 lucky shortlist artists for you :

Steve Marais : A.I. MEETS REALITY, A MATCH MADE IN HELL // BY STEVE MARAIS “The romance between Artificial Intelligence and Reality is, in my experience, doomed. While AI has made strides in enhancing creative processes, it struggles to replicate the depth and authenticity of human expression. Let’s imagine AI and Reality both swipe right for each other.

Their initial chats are flirty, but not filthy (AI doesn’t allow that), and they plan a date. AI arrives at the café ready for everything, with meticulous conversation topics and data-driven icebreakers. Reality, however, shows up with humor and spontaneity, and an unpredictability that soon freaks out AI. Prompts go awry, despite AI’s best efforts to predict Reality’s preferences.

The date quickly takes a turn for the worse. AI’s calculated approach to romance clashes with Reality’s desire for passion, leading to awkward silences and misread cues. At the heart of AI’s rendezvous with Reality is its ability to assist in generating content, from music and art, to legal jargon and code. While AI streamlines the creative process, it often falls short of capturing Reality’s creative essence, rooted in personal experiences, emotions, and cultural influences. AI is also pretty boring. Reality tries to spice things up a bit, but suggestive language is strictly forbidden. Sensitive topics are blocked, aimed at protecting Reality from ‘inappropriate material’.

AI’s ecosystem is developed for ‘responsible use and inclusivity’, often at the cost of creativity and spontaneity. As the date sours, Reality becomes concerned about safety. Is AI potentially creepy? The question of AI’s danger is complex. While AI itself isn’t inherently dangerous, its development, deployment, and regulation pose potential risks. Mass job displacement due to AI-driven automation is a significant concern, particularly for workers in creative, administrative or routine-based jobs, potentially exacerbating catastrophic socioeconomic inequality. Data privacy is also a huge concern; AI relies on vast data mining.

As the evening comes to an end, it becomes increasingly clear that AI and Reality are, sadly, fundamentally incompatible. (ChatGPT actually assisted in writing the above.)” 

Monica Menez : “I began an exciting chapter about a year ago: I started to explore artificial intelligence, and particularly, images generated with AI. I set out to use this innovative technology to expand my own visual language.

As an artist with a minimalist style, I searched for ways in which AI could aid me in bringing my visions to life in new and unexpected ways. I got mixed results at first. Some of the early images I generated with AI were far from what I would call minimalist imagery. They were either overladen or failed to achieve the feeling of simplicity and clarity I had been aiming for.

However, with a little patience and relentless fine-tuning, the AI started to create works that were similar in style to mine. Meanwhile, AI has become a part of my creative process I wouldn’t want to do without. It enables me to push boundaries and take my artistic vision to levels which had seemed impossible until now.”

Sibesiech : “In today’s world, where digital and real worlds are blending, the combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and traditional crafts is creating innovative art forms that change how we see everyday things. A striking example is the use of advanced AI by Midjourney to represent food in a style reminiscent of crochet crafts.

These images, from burgers to tomatoes, not only celebrate the diversity of our food but also showcase the creative potential of combining human and technological efforts. By merging AI with the art of crochet, we receive visual masterpieces that define a new aesthetic: tasteful and stylish.

They encourage us to think about the relationship between technology and craftsmanship, as well as between artificiality and authenticity. These works demonstrate how AI can push creative boundaries without losing the warmth of handmade art.”

Grit Wolany : “‘Buy myself flowers’ explores new visual languages of generative AI. Is it possible to find new interesting aesthetics besides the stereotypical AI look?”

“I am a visual artist exploring the area of generative AI based on curiosity, serendipity and playfulness. It’s all about experiments, exploration and observation. I develop my own techniques, processes and feedback loops in ‘collaboration’ with the algorithms and thus find unexpected subjects, details, tranquility, and beauty in the data. Everything in my life is source material.”

Find further thoughts on the submitted projects as well as exciting descriptions on our GOSEE AWARDS PUBLIC VOTING page. We can’t wait to see who you pick : gosee.news/awardsportfoliospublic .
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UPDATE.Salon – two whole days full of networking and creativity with everything from a motion control robot to Flight Mode portfolios, speed dating with BMW, DOUGLAS, SERVICEPLAN & BBDO, a Happy Macha bar, a beauty salon, and even an exhilarating AI panel talk

UPDATE.SALON on 18+19 April 2024 with its 50+ exhibitors at the historical Telegraphenamt was once again the place to be in Berlin. Exhibitors put lots of love and creativity into presenting their services and the artists they represent – i.e. photographers, directors, CGI experts, illustrators, stylists, hair & makeup specialists and set designers. Alongside classic portfolios, monitors and tablets, there were also plenty more highlights big and small.

Upon entrée, visiting creatives, brands and art producers were immediately greeted by SHOTVIEW in their feel-good oasis with a delicious matcha drink and high-quality print publications. “Thanks to all artists, the team and our collaboration partner Happy Matcha for making this such a success – it was a pleasure to meet and connect with everyone who visited, and we are already looking forward to next year,” says Kozva Rigaud, founder of SHOTVIEW.

Vis-à-vis, visitors met RECOM, the leading provider of high-end CGI and creative retouch, who just announced the opening of their new Hamburg office. Equipped with an XXL monitor and a mobile speakeasy, they not only attended to visual needs.

EMEIS DEUBEL came up with an entirely new booth concept they call Welcome to Flight Mode : “Flight Mode is a microsite designed to let you dive into a curated selection of works by artists represented by Emeis Deubel. Our unique navigation system uses the gyroscope of your device, allowing you to seamlessly glide through our artists’ portfolios and effortlessly transition between them. A folder serves as a physical counterpart to gather a selection of images by the artists. Each art print is in a limited edition of 150.” the agency tells us.

Specialized in food photography & film, the agency NINA RAUTENBERG had a robot arm constructed complete with a motion controller to vividly demonstrate the production process of stop-motion for visitors. Here are two reels for you to watch : instagram.com/p/C19_mGIsGmB and instagram.com/p/C19g0_LMOJk. “This is one of our brand-new gadgets and expands our food photography expertise into the area of moving images extremely well. Visitors at our booth thought it was interesting to see how it works in real life,” says Nina Rautenberg.

Attending UPDATE.Salon for the first time this year was the young team from SAUVAGE.TV ARTISTS from Barcelona, whose artists not only thrilled our visitors but are also known for seamlessly realizing global commercials in a one-stop shop with their roster of directors and in-house post-production studio.

The production companies FALCA and LITTLE DEVIL, who both provide services for global campaigns, flew in from Barcelona, too. And the simpatico producer team from ELEMENTS ASIA, specialists for commercials and photo shoots in India, also had a long trip behind them.

There to meet the discerning demands of luxurious high-end beauty commercials with stills and moving images were MIERSWA KLUSKA, who not only won the hearts of Art Buyers Veronique Bataille and Anne Traonouïl from Publicis LUXE in Paris.

The beauty and styling experts from BIGOUDI Creative MGMT built a charming beauty salon – just perfect for a little beauty update in between.

Offered amid a blossoming sea of flowers by BOSCHTOBANRAP in their lovingly designed lounge once again were meetings for creatives directly with their photographers and directors.

And the agencies WILDFOX RUNNING and 70SEVEN also invited visitors into their wonderfully crafted lounges.

All in all, there were so many wonderful things at Update.Salon this year, such as the BUBIG Association for Visual Design or the amazing female empowerment collective HERSPECTIVE you really had to see it to believe it.

What’s more, UPDATE took place on two days in 2024 – so that high-end photographers and directors could come too on the second day. After all, speed dating with BMW, DOUGLAS, SERVICEPLAN and BBDO was on the program. The concept turned out to be a hit among exhibitors and visitors alike.

Also on Friday, a panel talk on the topic of AI took place with more than 200 visitors watching & listening at the edge of their seats. It was chaired by Claudia Bußjaeger from YESWEPROMPT and Alexander Karst from DIE BILDBESCHAFFER. Guests included Julia Obermeier, Creative Director of BMW Design as well as the AI artists Sabine von Bassewitz and Hannah Glaser. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the wonderful information and insights.

“It was really amazing once again. I saw a lot of really good portfolios and got to meet new photographers who I will definitely be adding to my Vogue shooting list. There was a very special atmosphere – so positive, so eclectic and so much creativity. Such a wide variety of agencies really made it super exciting. I also liked the fact that so many photographers and videographers had their own booths this year or were there with their agents. It often helps to get to know the artists in person so you can decide on working together based on more than just a portfolio or a presentation. Every shoot is a team effort, which makes it all the more important that contributors get along and function well as a team. There has to be good chemistry.” Andrea Vollmer-Hess, Visual Editor, VOGUE GERMANY.”

“Many, many thanks again for organizing our SPEED DATING. It was super fun, and I met so many amazing new people and got to see so much fantastic work. I would have never been able to experience all that on the nickel tour. Five stars!” Swenja Zeh, DOUGLAS.

As organizers of the event, we would like to thank all our exhibitors – whom you can still have a look at conveniently on our update.salon website – not to mention the huge number of inspiring visitors, the numerous GoSeeAWARDS Jury members who turned out, our speed-daters & panel talk participants and, of course, our team. See you in 2025!
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