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featured by 70seven GmbH & Co KG : Conscious since 1952 - We present you the SPEIDEL Lingerie Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, produced by 70SEVEN in Portugal – and meet 70SEVEN at their booth at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

The team from 70SEVEN collaborated with photographer Michael Berger to produce the Spring/Summer 2023 collection for underwear manufacturer SPEIDEL Lingerie on location in Portugal. The new collection by women for women relies with its floral lace and modern floral prints on naturalness just as much as on sustainability. And has been doing so ever since 1952.

“In combination with the dreamlike landscape, spring not only lets its blue ribbon flutter through the air once again, but also the depth and breadth of blazing colorful splendor.” 70SEVEN. Styling: Mascha Möller c/o Nina Klein.

The underwear specialist SPEIDEL from Bodelshausen celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2022. Speidel stands for body positivity and guarantees the finest quality, produced sustainably and eco-friendly in Europe and is 100 percent family-owned. These values have shaped the company since it was founded by Rosa and Hans Speidel in 1952. The next generation – all three children have joined the family business – presents Speidel undergarments in an entirely new look and has built its climate-neutral headquarters in Bodelshausen upon an existing sustainable foundation.

“At SPEIDEL, we make underwear for women by women – with pleasure and passion. To do so, we ask ourselves special questions like: How do women want to feel in our underwear? What would they like to express? Which trends are important to them? Starting with these considerations, we develop ‘The special thing about me’ – pieces of underwear for self-conscious women, who value sustainable undergarments marked by innovation and the finest quality. When wearing SPEIDEL, every women should feel like the best version of herself, and that every day.” SPEIDEL.

70SEVEN is a full-service agency for domestic and international photo productions with headquarters in Hamburg and offers you services for the complete planning and realization of your photo shoot. This includes all sub-areas of photo productions such as location scouting and referral, budget management, art buying, photographer selection, casting and production support on location.

Meet the 70SEVEN team on 25 May, 2023, at UPDATE-23-BERLIN, taking place at Berlin’s uber-hip & happening Telegraphenamt.

GoSee : speidelshop.com70seven.de
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featured by Retouched-Studios GmbH : The ADIDAS x COTY Inc. cooperation banks on soccer star Arkadiusz Krystian ‘Arek’ Milik, Gold medalist sprinter Gina Lückenkemper and more star athletes – with post production from the hands of RETOUCHED STUDIOS… and meet RETOUCHED STUDIOS as an exhibitor at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Camilla Armbrust photographed influencers and athletes for the ADIDAS x COTY Inc. cooperation. Standing in front of the camera, breaking out a sweat, were Nikeata Thompson (dancer and presenter), Agata Sieramska (fitness model), Polish national soccer player Arkadiusz Krystian ‘Arek’ Milik, German Gold medalist sprinter Gina Lückenkemper as well as cyclist Denise Schindler (World Champion and Paralympic medalist).

Post production of the athletic motifs was in the hands of RETOUCHED STUDIOS, specialized in high-end creative retouch for beauty and advertising clients.

Coty and adidas teamed up to launch an Active Skin & Mind range of deodorants and shower products. The new assortment works to refresh and rebalance the senses after working out, designed to help athletes achieve well-deserved recovery following optimum performance. The products contain a complex of glycerol, hyaluronic acid and essential oils for rapid skin moisture recovery, increased skin hydration, while protecting against dehydration.

Active Skin & Mind shower gels use sulphate-free and clean formulas, suitable for those with sensitive skin types. The vegan shower gel formulas are 98% biodegradable, packaged in 100% recycled material and refillable, while the packaging for the roll-on deodorants is made with 25% recycled glass and 98% recycled plastic caps.

And meet RETOUCHED STUDIOS as an exhibitor at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

GoSee : retouched.de

Retouched Studios for Adidas x Coty Inc.
Influencers/ athletes shot by Camilla Armbrust c/o Shotview Management for adidas & Coty Inc.
Retouched by Retouched Studios
Creative agency: Spring Studios
Artists: Nikeata Thompson (dancer)
Agata Sieramska (fitness model)
Arek Milik (soccer player)
Gina Lückenkemper (World Champion, athlete)
Denise Schindler (World Champion, Paralympic medalist)

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featured by One Hundred Berlin : ONE HUNDRED BERLIN presents : MOROCCANOIL by photographer Angelo Sgambati - and meet OHB in XXL at UPDATE-23-BERLIN

Moroccanoil contains nature’s impressive magic weapon against damaged hair: argan oil. The valuable oil from Morocco is an ingredient of all care and styling products, and has been known for quite some time for its regenerative and nourishing effect. MOROCCANOIL was founded by New York resident and Chilean native Carmen Tal. Today, her products are available in more than 68 countries.

The motifs presented here were photographed by Angelo Sgambati and post-produced by ONE HUNDRED BERLIN.

Argan oil has a moisturizing, anti-oxidant and anti-bacterial effect. It is used for skin-,hair-, and nailcare, as a remedy for the treatment of skin blemishes, connection tissue weakness, skin disorders such as acne and psoriasis – or even as cooking oil.

Argan oil is produced by pressing it from the kernels of the ripe berry fruit of the argan tree (Argania spinosa). Found exclusively in southwestern Morocco, the regions in which Arganeraie are grown were declared a biosphere reserve by the UNESCO in 1998. This was preceded by projects aimed at the preservation of traditional farming methods, artisanal oil extraction, and the preservation of the Berber culture in connection with the argan tree, which were commissioned by the Moroccan royal family and conducted by the German developmental aid agency GTZ.

The centuries-old knowledge and techniques for using the tree and its fruits were recognized in November 2014 as part of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

GoSee : moroccanoil.com & onehundredberlin.com

CLIENT Moroccanoil
POST PRODUCTION One Hundred Berlin
STYLING Leah Adicoff
HAIR Greg Gilmore
MODEL Josie Redmond, Ava Taghioff, Natalia Caban and Arah Cho
PHOTOGRAPHER Angelo Sgambati

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