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featured by BUBIG : 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel, 70Seven – BUBIG is delighted about NEW members and informs you on GoSee.News about workshops, new board members … and says thank you UPDATE23BERLIN

The German Association of Image Creators – or BUBIG – emerged from the German special-interest association of representatives for photographers and illustrators (RFI e.V.) founded in 1992. At the moment, it is delighted – following a successful UPDATE SALON – about the influx of new members from the areas of illustration, photography, film & production… for instance, 2Agenten, Anyday, Emeis Deubel and 70Seven.

“Participating in UPDATE gave us the perfect opportunity for a constructive exchange. Both within the industry and with the Bubig members who participated. Thank you UPDATE.” Tobias Bosch, BUBIG.

BUBIG is taking this opportunity to tell you about its workshops. Recently, workshops were held on the topics of the use of LinkedIn, AI as well as the presentation of a software manufacturer for tracking image rights violations.

And there are new board members who now support the production area among affiliated members : Andreas Krogmann (Alwayseverything) and Arne Weingart (Lunik) look forward to their new responsibilities.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to join BUBIG. The association sees itself as a voice in Germany and Europe for agencies of photographers and illustrators as well as photo and film production companies. BUBIG represents more than 30 agents and production companies at the moment with its wealth of experience in the areas of photography, film, illustration, animation and production for stills and moving images.

Your benefits as a member : Exchange and coordination between fellow industry professionals on all important topics, free legal consultation and participation in workshops and seminars. And as always – it doesn’t cost anything to ask… !

GoSee : bubig.net
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featured by carolineseidler.com : The Ambassador of Illustration / carolineseidler.com : Poster show at UPDATE 23 BERLIN -- now available as portfolio

For the tenth time now, Caroline Seidler / The Ambassador of Illustration has presented the portfolios of her illustrators at UPDATE23 in Berlin. This time, as a teaser of the multifaceted styles with an unusually large-scale design on a classic palette. Amid this abundance of visual impressions, the illustrator specialist is a pleasant eye-catcher, a familiar and well-visited sight among the many other offers mainly with photos upon photos. On display as always were portfolios, animation reels and the poster palette.

There were also flyers in postcard format as goodies to take home this year. “It was wonderful seeing you all in Berlin. For those of you who couldn’t make it: Our poster show is now also available as portfolio,” says Caroline… all the more reason to look forward to UPDATE24 even more.

GoSee : carolineseidler.com & UPDATE.Salon
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featured by RECOM GmbH & Co. KG : BRONZE at the GoseeAwards ‘23 – we congratulate RECOM, Fashion Editor Yilmaz Aktepe and Director & Photographer Ralph Mecke on the uber-deserved TOP3 position

Multilayered, timeless, nuanced … the GoSeeAWARDS spread just goes to show once more how remarkably photographer and director Ralph Mecke masters his craft. And the congenial stylist and Fashion Editor at his side like so often : Yilmaz Aktepe. Yilmaz elevates fashion to an art form. It is never random and never banal. It transforms rooms into sceneries. And these are subsequently dissected by Ralph Mecke and masterfully captured with the camera.

On board for post production of the spread was RECOM, who absolutely see themselves, who could blame them, as a fine art partner of their clients. Thanks to years of experience in all areas – advertising, food, art, fashion, and moving images – there’s hardly a motif they aren’t skilled in post-producing so artistically that the quintessence of the image alone seems to magically attract the attention of viewers.

“We would like to congratulate Yilmaz Aktepe, Ralph Mecke and RECOM on winning BRONZE at our GoseeAwards 2023. For us – as we have said so often – all 20 finalists are winners : because, ultimately, the AWARDS are all about the high-quality viewing of our jury, which was outstanding again in 2023. It was particularly wonderful to see how many jurors personally attended UPDATE-23-BERLIN. We’re already looking forward to 2024 !” Cyrus C. Halabian, GoSee.News & UPDATE.Salon.

By the way, RECOM was also on the shortlist of finalists this year together with artist Monica Menez.

GoSee : recom.de
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