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featured by Stephanie Wencek postdesign : PHILIPS HEARING AIDS. CONNECTING GENERATIONS – post production of the campaign motifs by STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN

“Hear the music, feel connected. Each generation may speak their own slang, but music is a universal language. Sure, there may be decades between us, but there can also be understanding. Philips HearLink helps you hear better so you can create common ground and share memorable experiences that connect generations when it matters most. Together, we make life better. Innovation for you.”

The campaign motifs ‘PHILIPS HEARING AIDS. CONNECTING GENERATIONS.’ for the innovative PHILIPS HearLinks were post-produced by STEPHANIE WENCEK POSTDESIGN. They were photographed by Karine + Oliver for the agency Ogilvy Switzerland.

Philips writes about the product range : “For people with hearing loss, the biggest difficulty of all is to communicate in noisy places. While most hearing aids can provide adequate support in quiet places, it takes the most sophisticated technology to provide efficient support in noisy surroundings.

To do so, Philips HearLink uses the innovative SoundMap Technology. This innovation supports you in hearing the sounds around you so you can understand language even in noisy environments, enabling you to connect with people and the world. SoundMap is made up of three sound processing pillars : effective noise control, advanced amplification and groundbreaking feedback cancellation.” 

For more than 125 years, Philips has been improving the lives of people with pioneering innovations. Koninklijke Philips N.V. (literally Royal Philips, of simply Philips) is a manufacturer of health technology and household appliances headquartered in Amsterdam. Formerly active in the area of consumer electronics, semiconductors and lighting technology, the company is meanwhile focussed on the areas of personal health, with household appliances such as coffee makers, kettles and electric tooth brushes, as well as health systems and healthcare technology (particularly radiology).

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