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featured by ICONIC : ICONIC presents : Model Liya Kebede in a painting for VOGUE Italia 12/23 - like a m0dern Queen of Saba - and meet ICONIC at UPDATE-24-BERLIN

Riflessi D’Artista - VOGUE Italia presented us a new, young, creative and also very confident Africa this December. Represented by artist Jem Perucchini, photographer Campbell Addy and, last but never least, muse Liya Kebede.

“Through the eyes of others, I see sides of myself I am not yet familiar with.” Liya Kebede in her cover spread in Vogue Italia.

“This is a story recurring throughout the portraits as a central theme. On one side, there is Jem Perucchini, a young painter who was born in Ethiopia and raised in Milan, where he still lives and works today. And then you have Campbell Addy, a photographer from Ghana signing the photos on these pages and who also won the Fashion Creator Award at the fashion awards in 2023, which took place on 4 December.

Their attention is focused on the muse, Ethiopian supermodel and actress Liya Kebede, who is not only the protagonist of the exclusive photos by the two, but stands much more for the modern African persona all three of them embody.” author Mariuccia Casadio writes for VOGUE Italia.

The Ethiopian model, designer and actress Liya Kebede is represented by the agency ICONIC, which you can meet, like every year, at UPDATE – the longest running creative salon for photography & film in Berlin. When : 18+19 April, 2024. Where : Telegraphenamt in Berlin Mitte.
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