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WE! shoot it

by Thomas von Salomon & Michael Compensis

Stills · Transportation · CGI
Frankfurt, München
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news WE! SHOOT IT, aka Michael Compensis & Thomas von Salomon, staged the U5 for AIWAYS in black & white, and were on the loose these last days of winter with a rally BMW from the 60s!

For the European social media channels of Chinese electric carmaker AIWAYS, the two transportation specialists from WE! shoot it (represented by Kelly Kellerhoff) had the pleasure of staging the flagship U5. The client gave photographer duo Michael Compensis and Thomas von Salomon almost complete creative freedom, so they produced a black & white series in hard sunlight. “This is what makes these photos stand-out so refreshingly in the otherwise complaisant monotony of social media, demonstrating that cars don’t necessarily always have to look the same,” they tell us. Production took place exclusively in Munich with a Corona-conform mini-team. Post was taken care of by the duo themselves afterwards.

When it comes to vintage and classic cars, winter months are usually time for a break while the delicate classics are catching a few z’s in the garage, well-protected from ice, snow and above all, road salt. But do temperatures of eight below and deep snow really make all this necessary?...

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