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news featured by Holger Wild HOLGER WILD photographs the PORSCHE 911 S/T for Grabarz and partner - a synthesis of purism, agility and unique driving dynamics

Frenzy of the Senses...’ was how the crew summed it up after shooting the PORSCHE 911 S/T. And they not only mean the design of the vehicle or experiencing the sound of the 911 GT3RS engine first hand. Moreover, the entire production in Spain was blessed with nearly perfect conditions. Top weather and top locations made this top-secret production a true pleasure – and not just for photographer HOLGER WILD.

Daniela Witting from WIDE Production organized it all with local Prod. JonJon. And because almost everything was realized photographically, the post-producers from TREY in Hamburg were able to focus fully on the finishing touches, and with a skilled hand, put the cherry on top when it comes to the look; very much to the delight of Art Director Melanie Landwehr from Grabarz und Partner...

PORSCHE tells us about the new model: The 911 S/T combines the essence of 60 years of the 911 with its puristic lightweight design, its breathtaking GT performance and significantly reduced sound...

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