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‘Night Shopper’ AUDI e-tron GT campaign by Manuel NAGEL c/o WILDFOX RUNNING

For AUDI, Manuel NAGEL c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed the campaign photos for the latest AUDI e-tron GT with the working title ‘Night Shopper’. The four-door electric coupé radiates sportiness, high quality and comfort at the same time.

Manuel Nagel is a Cologne-based photographer whom we are very delighted to introduce, and we present a selection from his portfolio. He is experienced in working in the areas of transportation photography as well as portrait and lifestyle advertising. His well-honed photographic view is marked by clarity, an aesthetic understanding and a keen eye for the essential.
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‘Penny the Mirror’ – illustrated children’s book by Martin NICOLAUSSON c/o WILDFOX RUNNING and author Dave Bell for LITTLE GESTALTEN Publishing

For Little Gestalten Publishing, Martin NICOLAUSSON c/o WILDFOX RUNNING visualized the children’s book ‘Penny the Mirror’ together with the author Dave Bell.

Mirrors have a hard time. They never feel like they are doing a good job, because when people look in the mirror, they (almost) always say something bad. But mirrors have feelings too and take it personally. “Penny the Mirror’ is a hilarious story about Penny’s life-changing journey to acceptance, which in turn empowers all readers to celebrate themselves…

Dave Bell is an author, creative director and curator. He has authored or conceived several books in the areas of design, marketing and photography. Dave was born in Scotland, lives in London, has a German family and works for the Dutch design agency KesselsKramer. 

Martin Nicolausson is a Stockholm-based illustrator and graphic designer. Ever since he graduated from Beckmans College of Design in 2008, he has been working with editorial and commercial clients such as The New York Times, Nike, Wallpaper* and Wired magazine. Drawing as much inspiration from the past as from the future, Martin's work combines digital and analogue with equal amounts nostalgia and bold vision.
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All children like to play, and they are especially fond of LEGO blocks. So the ADIDAS Design Team developed a collection created in cooperation with the LEGO Group. Sonja TOBIAS c/o WILDFOX RUNNING photographed a colorblocking campaign for the cooperation between ADIDAS and LEGO, produced by April May.
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