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Yusra* - WINTELER PRODUCTION produces the editorial photographed by Ramona Reuter featuring model Yusra for L’OFFICIEL

L’OFFICIEL is the incarnation of French style. Ever since it was founded in 1921, the brand has had its place in the heart of the luxury and fashion universe. In 2021, L’OFFICIEL is a platform on which luxury, fashion, jewelry, beauty, art & culture can constantly reinvent and stage themselves. Since 2018, L’OFFICIEL has also been published in Austria as a print edition, on the web at lofficiel.at, on Facebook and Instagram.

The editorial presented here was photographed by Ramona Reuter for the L’OFFICIEL Group. It was produced by WINTELER PRODUKTION. The assignment covered the selection of the creative team, model booking as well as concept execution. See the complete spread on the WINTELER PRODUKTION website. GoSee : winteler-production.com///lofficiel-austria-5-de

PHOTOGRAPHER Rare Imaging by Ramona Reuter
STYLING Alexandra Dietl
PRODUCTION Winteler Production

* Yusra – The Arabian first name means fortune, wealth, prosperity, lightness, well-being and balance.
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WINTELER PRODUCTION produces the MERCEDES BENZ SOCIAL MEDIA campaign with photographer David Haase for EyeEm

With photographer David Haase and for the lead agency EyeEm, WINTELER PRODUCTION produced an extensive social media campaign for MERCEDES-BENZ, one of the most famous and popular car brands worldwide. EyeEm promises ‘authentic stock photos that make a statement’ and started out as a free online service for sharing photos.

In 2021, EyeEm is a global market place for high-quality stock photography and professional photo and video productions. The platform is supported by the patented AI-based Computer Vision software, which analyzes the content of an image automatically. The personalized aesthetics search of EyeEm enables companies to quickly and reliably find images which perfectly match their brand identity. The photos by millions of creative photographers who list their works on EyeEm have made the Berlin-based company home to some of the best photos in the world. The global network of EyeEm enables all companies to book photographers for high-quality photo and video productions at any time and anywhere. EyeEm was founded in 2011 and is represented in Berlin and New York. Provider of the service is EyeEm Mobile GmbH with headquarters in Berlin.

See the entire spread on the website of WINTELER PRODUCTION. GoSee :  winteler-production.com///mercedes-de

PRODUCER Grace Farson
STYLING Anja Niedermeier
HAIR & MAKE-UP Jane JAKOBI c/o Nina Klein
MODEL Marcel Spang
MODEL Kristina Voigt
PRODUCTION Winteler Production

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Fashion photographer Roger Weber stages male model Blazej Kutyla for GQ Portugal – produced by WINTELER PRODUCTION

GQ is the sharp premier men’s magazine in Portugal which provides definitive coverage of style and culture. The title has evolved into a renowned multimedia brand with a stylish website and intuitive iPad edition designed for the 21st century man.

“GQ is the only magazine in Portugal that offers a blend of the best in fashion, lifestyle, culture and investigative journalism for the ever-demanding and sophisticated man. GQ is a showcase for the best that is done in all of Portugal.” says José Santana, GQ Portugal Editor-in-Chief, proudly.

Fashion photographer Roger Weber photographed Polish male model Blazej Kutyla for GQ Portugal – in a production by WINTELER PRODUCTION : “See the complete spread on our website.” GoSee : winteler-production.com///gq-portugal

STYLING Nicola Berger
HAIR & MAKE-UP Bert Kietzerow
MODEL Blazej Kutyla
PRODUCTION Winteler Production

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