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featured by Marc Trautmann : MARC TRAUTMANN presents his visionary FULL CGI PORSCHE TAYCAN project on GoSee

Puristic, sporty, timeless : expressive strengths that literally permeate the PORSCHE TAYCAN – MARC TRAUTMANN presents us his PORSCHE TAYCAN design study as a photography and CGI project. “This project is a study about visuals targeting the emerging Asian and Middle Eastern markets with a new visual language,” Marc tells GoSee. The architecture was taken care of by Nikolaus Türk and Zsolt Szeibert (beyond visual arts, Hamburg) with post by GoSee Member ZOOT.

Marc describes his visual language himself as “something composed, graphical.” It has more to do with design than emotion at first glance. “When in doubt, I tend to take a step back to get a more graphical setting.” Drawing inspiration once from fashion magazines, today Marc Trautman is inspired more by films. His attention is much more focused on stylistics, and composition of the image. Created over the past few years were several videos and commercials which photographer Marc Trautmann realized as a cameraman. A further tool of his photographic work is CGI. “Things can be brought together in an image using CGI which are difficult to combine in reality.” With all of these facets, photography for Marc Trautmann is so much more today than delivering a good photo. “The photographer becomes a director.”
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featured by KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN : CITROËN // FASHION editorial & fashion film by Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN for ELLE Magazine

For ELLE, Emir HAVERIC c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN staged fashion and transportation. The editorial and fashion film were created in the area surrounding Almeria. At Emir’s side as DOP stood Alejandro Gómez c/o KLEIN PHOTOGRAPHEN. Creative Director was Anika Kempkensteffen.

Cutting a fine figure next to the Citroën is Bárbara García (styling: Miriam Natalia Diaz c/o NINA KLEIN, hair & make-up: Junior Queirós), and SONDA Productions with Werner Dürsteler supported the shoot. GoSee Member ZOOT took care of post production of the stills.
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