MAX VON TREU photographs star influencer Nic Kaufmann at Hamburg’s Montblanc Haus for Mr ICON

The editorial by the name of ‘The Talented Nic Kaufmann’ was photographed and filmed by MAX VON TREU at the Montblanc House in Hamburg for the cover spread in MR ICON. What talents are we talking about precisely? Young Nic Kaufmann is a fashion and lifestyle influencer with more than 20 million followers alone on TikTok. He is known for his fashion videos and individual looks.

Nic’s mother is from India, his father is German, and he grew up in Singapore before moving to Munich, Germany, where he initially intended to study Business IT…

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‘About Energy’ – HEIKO RICHARD portrays artist NISHA in films and photos

Transform emotions into dance …  Words to live by for interdisciplinary performance artist and dancer NISHA VIRMANI, who was born in Mainz, Germany, with Indian, Spanish, Italian, and German roots.

A trained acrobatic gymnast, she was a member of the national team and has five incredible German Championship victories to show for. She has appeared in the music videos of Felix Jaehn and Robin Schulz, danced in the front row for a Ferrero commercial, and partied all night in Berlin for a Schweppes ad…