Hamburg Berlin D-Land Film GoSee JOBS Media: 2 C: 252

‘Celebrating the makers of gentlemen’ – the commercial for THE MAN COMPANY for International Men’s Day, produced by ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES in India

The film and photo production company ELEMENTS PRODUCTION SERVICES, headquartered in India, knows them all – the extraordinary settings, the secret places, the profane and the glitz Made in India. From bustling bazaars, to secluded beaches and historical sites and palaces or even lush tropical forests, they have a bank of settings that would inspire any art director.

They just recently produced a commercial for THE MAN COMPANY to celebrate INTERNATIONAL MEN’S DAY on 19 November. The idea behind the occasion : Men leading by example…


Germany’s DFB national soccer team player Serge Gantry, Kai Havertz and Leroy Sane – portrayed by Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers on commission for the DFB

Maximilian KÖNIG c/o DOUBLE T Photographers portrayed national team players Serge Gantry, Kai Havertz, and Leroy Sane, who was unfortunately sidelined in the opening game against Japan due to a knee injury, for the badly struggling German Football Association DFB. As everyone knows, these young men are fighting at the World Cup in the desert of Qatar for glory, honor and victory… And following the One Love armband controversy, human rights scandals, confusing interviews… perhaps even for a last bit of credibility…