OPEL EXPERIMENTAL - the futuristic concept car takes OPEL into the future. Campaign by Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT

It was the eye-catcher of the IAA : With the concept model OPEL EXPERIMENTAL, the carmaker presented its vision of future at the auto show in Munich. With this model, Opel is opening the next chapter of its new design philosophy. Frederic SCHLOSSER c/o UPFRONT photographed & filmed the campaign for it together with DOP & Editor Bastian Ried (Inmotion)…

BEN & MARTIN photograph the MERCEDES-BENZ T Class campaign for Preuss und Preuss with a good vibe mix in Cape Town

Straight to the top – The T Class is the gateway to the world of Mercedes-Benz, above all for families and people who not only like their day nice and full day – but also a full car. Mercedes-Benz has big plans for its new premium small van : The T Class is designed to climb straight to the top of the segment and give the established competition a good look at its tailgate from now on.

Booked by PREUSS & PREUSS to realize the various launch campaigns