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news featured by ANALOG / DIGITAL COCA-COLA world handcrafted by ADRIAN & GIDI c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL for Coca-Cola SWB

Come on and take a drive through the charming, meticulously handcrafted Coca-Cola world created by ADRIAN & GIDI for Coca-Cola Southwest Beverages…” says ANALOG / DIGITAL, who tells us a bit about the animated masterpiece here on GoSee.

Adrian & Gidi : “We are truly super excited about this little stop-motion-inspired animation. This endless loop was created with the magic of real-life papercrafted props and a touch of digital animation to create a happy and fun visual
🌈... This is one of our most elaborate sets to date, and we’re incredibly proud of it. There’s a unique charm in working with small-scale papercrafted elements, and we love every bit of it. We hope you appreciate the detailed intricacies as much as we do. A lot of the elements were painted by hand, creating a distinctive look for the visuals. Scroll to see the animation and the entire panoramic Coca-Cola story.”

Adrian & Gidi : “We started with paper out of the necessity to create sets for our photography, but it...

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