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news featured by JULIA WALDMANN ‘Keep the Summer Alive’ – Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN with photos and film for the client AIR UP®

Air up is declaring war on sugar-sweetened beverages : “air up® is so much more than a water bottle – it’s a hydration revolution. Our one-of-a-kind drinking system transports carefully-crafted ‘flavors’ through the mouth to the olfactory receptors, where your brain perceives the smell as taste.” AIR UP®

Sophie SCHWARZENBERGER c/o JULIA WALDMANN produced the film ‘Keep the Summer Alive’ presented here on commission for the agency Très Bien plus the corresponding campaign motifs for the innovative pod service with impressive taste solely through the sense of smell : “With air up®, you only drink water. Without sugar, without calories, without additives. That’s why our aroma pods are safe for people suffering from allergies or diabetes.”

Retronasal smell is the phenomenon that makes  air up® even possible. It’s the technical term for a simple process – tasting with your nose. When you smell something, it passes through the throat to the olfactory center in the nose and is perceived...

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