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Sustainable and stylish - Marina Geckeler photographs for Munich-based beauty brand BYENA BEAUTY – hair & make-up by Kevin BETE c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger

BYENA Beauty is a beauty brand from Munich which manufactures 100% certified and vegan decorative natural cosmetics full of passion, scientific know-how and attention to detail.

The motifs presented here were photographed by Marina Geckeler, and at her side was hair & make-up artist Kevin BETE c/o LES ARTISTS by Josef Stockinger.

Behind BYENA Beauty is founder Ena from Munich together with a team of scientific experts. For the company, sustainable beauty is a passion : “As a child, I already dreamed of having my own beauty company. But when I told others about my idea, unfortunately, no one really supported me. ‘You can’t do that,’ I was often told.”

Ena intensively researched the cosmetics market again and again while studying for her two master’s degrees in International Management and Finance : “When I took a closer look at the ingredients of my make-up products one day, I was shocked to see how many harmful and controversial ingredients the products contained that I was using on a...

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