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Hamburg, Warsaw
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news AUDI ‘The Last Dance’ - a visual tribute to the legendary Audi R8 and the end of an era by JVG c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL

Creative studio JVG c/o ANALOG / DIGITAL, with a focus on 3D/CGI, developed a visual tribute to the high-performance coupé AUDI R8 – full of atmosphere and in obsessive detail.

JVG : Born from the creative explorations we undertook for a commission from Audi Magazine, this project serves as a tribute to the legendary Audi R8 and marks the conclusion of its remarkable production journey. Aptly named ‘The Last Dance,’ it signifies not only the end of an era for the Audi R8 but for the entire automotive industry.

JVG – colorful and striking! Founded by J. Vallejo, JVG is a Madrid-based art direction and production studio focused on creative 3D/CGI. Their colorful and striking animations produced at lightning speed are particularly suited for digital content. Making bold and concept-based images is their beloved duty!

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